Sunday, September 8, 2013

"Faithfully" on Snippet Sunday

Faithfully is featured this week on SnippetSunday

The story of Captain Peter Davis and Joanna Beckett. They first meet in 1979, although at 28 he is nine years her senior, Captain Davis can't resist the bright, funny, and incredibly sexy Joanna; after a whirlwind romance, they marry and a journey which ultimately leads to the founding of the exclusive BDSM Club Decadence with some of Davis' men.

But Davis and Joanna have obstacles of their own to overcome. How does a domestic discipline marriage, started in the 1970s, grow and change through the years? And will their marriage ultimately survive Davis' commitment to his special-ops military career?

Here is another snippet from Faithfully:

He was gorgeous and she loved him desperately, but dammit!  This was her wedding day.

"Joanna, stop acting like a brat.  I know you feel disappointed, but-"

"You don't know Jack Squat about what I'm feeling, Peter Davis.  This was supposed to be the happiest day of my life but here I stand; no gown, no music, no cake...  Nothing.  And tomorrow you'll be shipping out to God knows where and I'll have no husband  So excuse the hell out of me if I'm acting like a brat.  I think I have a right to."

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on September 14th.