Friday, September 27, 2013

A Birthday Spanking

In honor of my special day, we return to Victorian England 
for a birthday spanking from Surrender Your Grace.  

In this scene, Cici and her new sister-in-law have gone for a ride in Hyde Park.  They are discussing how the newly wedded Cici and Andrew, celebrated his birthday.  Enjoy! 

"Have you ever heard of a birthday spanking?"
"Never, what in the world is that?"
"Well, you know Andrew.  He knows everything.  Evidently, there is an old pagan custom during changes in life.  Surrounded by friends and loved ones, a person is spanked to ward off evil spirits.  A birthday was considered a change in life."
"Oh Cici, you weren't gullible enough to fall for that whopper were you?"
Cici grimaced, then pouted in dismay.  Andrew had made up that outrageous tale?  He surely didn't need a reason to spank.  He did it whenever he felt like it.
"I can't believe he let you spank him." 
Cici looked at her startled.  Goodness gracious, what a fool she'd been.
"What's wrong?"
She shook her head, refusing to answer.  Maggie looked at her face and broke out into loud guffaws of laughter causing several park visitors to turn their heads and stare.  Lowering her voice, she commiserated with her friend.  "Oh Cici, he turned it around and spanked you, didn't he?"  

"Yes, he said the person celebrating the birthday got to select the recipient of the spanking.  I am an idiot!  And your brother is certainly in for it when I get home.  He spanked me 29 times, plus one for luck, and one for a happy marriage, the scoundrel.".

I was a little longer than eight lines today.  Hopefully, this once I'll be forgiven.  

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