Friday, September 20, 2013

Welcome to Snippet Sunday and SatSpanks  

The week has flown by and the weekend almost crept up on me without a Spanking or a Snippet for Sunday.  What a tragedy that would have been.  Today, I have another snippet from my new release Little Light of Mine (Club Decadence, Book 3)...

Once deeply in love and committed to each other, this pair of star crossed lovers was separated by distance and war.  Now when their happily ever after is finally within reach, fate intervenes and thrusts Elena in the midst of intolerable violence, family secrets and lies.  She flees leaving Dex confused, heartbroken and bitter from a broken engagement.

But Dex has made other plans for his life.  Now the managing partner and the Master Dom for The Club, Dex returns to find his former fiancée performing in his lounge.  Barely recognizing the girl he once loved, Dex kicks her out of his club without a second thought.  Only he’s lying to himself.  He still wants her with a need so strong it verges on obsession.  He’s determined to dominate her willing body and finally exorcise her from his mind and his life once and for all.  

“Good evening, Elena.  You’re late again, not the best way to start out our agreement, do you think?”
“I’m sorry, but I got to The Club on time it’s just that…”
“The reason doesn’t matter.  I’m sure you remember how I am about promptness.”  Grabbing a straight back chair, he moved it to the center of the room and sat.  “We’ll take care of your correction before we begin the scene; remove your panties, lift your skirt and take your place across my thighs.”

Elena had dreamed about another spanking from Dex for two long years.  She walked quietly to his side, slid off her tiny thong and lifted the short leather skirt.  Feeling his hand gently guiding her as she lowered herself face down across his firm thighs, she sighed softly in contentment.  This felt so right; she had missed him so much.

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