Friday, November 29, 2013

The Naughty List on #SatSpanks and #SnippetSunday

Everything Christmas
The Naughty List

Patty Devlin, Dinah McLeod, Renee Rose, Maren Smith and myself, Maddie Taylor have teamed up to bring you The Naughty List.  Five brand spanking new novellas, all filled with sexy hunks, sassy heroines and plenty of holiday spankings and cheer.  I hope you'll enjoy a little sneak peak from my contribution:

"Everything Christmas"

New in town, Merry has been so busy with opening her new store, that she hasn't really had time to unpack! She always seems to be in a rush and accidents seem to follow her around like sleigh bells at Christmas. Her new neighbor, the hunky tall guy in a cop's uniform, is definitely drool-worthy, but he always seems to be cross with her about something, and  he even issued her three tickets!  All in the same day!  So no one is more surprised than Merry when he rushes to rescue her from what could have been a nasty situation.

Reese has had his heart broken before, and he's not eager to go through that again, so he intentionally dates a string of women that are definitely NOT his type.  Unfortunately, the cute little red-head across the street is exactly what he would look for in a woman - if he were looking.  He tries to keep her at arm's length by being intentionally rude, but if ever a woman needed a protector more, he'd yet to meet her.  Seriously, he wondered how she'd made it this far already!

In this week's snippet, Merry moves in:

  As she sat in a fog, completely depleted of energy, she debated whether to get up and go, or just pass out.  She’d just opted in favor of passing out, when a movement in the window caught her attention.  Across the street was a man dressed only in running shorts and shoes, stretching his legs against a tree.  Her eyes traveled over his tight, toned muscular body with pleasure as he bent down to pick up a water bottle, his shorts pulled snugly against his tight rear and her breath caught in her throat. 

He began stretching his back muscles, twisting at the waist until he was looking directly at her condo.  Their eyes met from across the street and she suddenly realized that she was pressed against her front window gawking at him.   He smiled and gave her a quick nod before walking up the drive and entering the house directly across from her.  Holy Moly!  The Adonis was her neighbor. 
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Also included in The Naughty List:

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All The Naughty List authors have prepared a wonderful snippet for SatSpanks so make sure you visit each one, then check out all the other authors on the blog hop.  Enjoy!!!

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