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Torrid Tantalizing Tuesday with Bella Bryce

Today, on this special Tuesday blog, we dial back the Torrid and focus on the Tantalizing by bringing you some good old fashioned discipline.  See...  Ricky had it right!

My guest author today is Bella Bryce, who begins a two part series featuring her Waldorf Manor Series.  Bella is a writer of clean Age Play and traditional Domestic Discipline.  Her style is a bit different than others in the genre, but as she says her heroines will always get their comeuppance.   
The Waldorf Manor Series begins with The Solicitation:
Brayden James was raised in an extremely disciplined and formal household in modern-day England, on a private estate in the countryside. Having been left Waldorf Manor in his parents' Will, Brayden resides amongst only his live-in domestic staff. That is, until he publishes a solicitation online searching for the right young woman to live platonically under his authority in a very structured environment. The story begins from the morning of the interviews where seventeen young ladies have been brought to Waldorf Manor for Brayden to see face to face and discern who, if any of them, will be the right match.

Brayden's choice proves to be more than just a way to feed his love of formal living and discipline when it becomes obvious his new charge desperately needs more than that. Not in any way against his expectations, Brayden finds she isn't accustomed to living in such a formal and privileged environment and soon finds that she needs more than just a disciplinarian - she needs a father. He also finds her ability to function as someone living in his household to be a lot younger than her chronological age, and mandates she will be viewed entirely as a ten year old until he feels she can adjust properly. Brayden wastes no time in legally adopting the 'eighteen year old'.

The Solicitation follows Brayden as he very rigidly raises his new family member to embrace a formal lifestyle and all that goes along with it. His corrective measures are always firm but never cruel. A gentleman through and through, Brayden will show his new little miss what it's like to be raised by someone who both loves and listens, but also disciplines quickly and deliberately all the while providing a lifestyle Brayden has always desired and she more than needs.
Enjoy an excerpt from The Solicitation:

“You will learn piano because I want you to and I don’t wish to hear otherwise,” he said, looking down at Alice seriously.  
“But you can’t force me,” Alice said, beginning to feel rather agitated.
“I am your father and you will learn whatever instrument I tell you to learn."  Alice scowled, narrowing her eyes at Brayden.  She didn’t like being told such things, despite having consented to the relationship and all that goes with it – she did not like it one bit. 
“Don’t you dare look at me in such a way.  Stop glaring this moment,” he said, pointing at her.  
“I shan’t until you listen to me,” Alice replied.  
Brayden’s eyes widened and he took Alice by her ear and walked her to the nearby sofa and then turned her to face him. 
 “Clearly you haven’t taken in the trips across my knee properly thus far, considering you so blatantly answered me back, disobeyed me and have now just raised your voice in open defiance.  You shan’t until I listen to you?!” Brayden asked, repeating her comment.  He looked at her for a moment and then began unbuckling his belt.  
“NO, don’t! Brayden, please,” Alice begged, as she observed him calmly removing his leather belt from his flawlessly pressed suit trousers. 
“Brayden?” he asked, surprised and impressed that she was so blatantly use his name when he had specifically told her never to do so.  “You know exactly who I am, young lady, now refer to me properly.”  
“I won’t call you ‘father’, it’s silly!” she exclaimed.  
“Silly,” he repeated, as if considering the word.  “It’s silly, is it?” he asked.  “It’s just so silly that an eighteen-year-old girl should be taken in by someone just ten years older than her, to be loved and raised properly, and that she should refer to him as the figure in her life that he has become.  It’s silly,” he reiterated.  
Alice could tell that she had deeply offended Brayden; not only was he disappointed but he was hurt by the rejection Alice had blatantly showed toward his role.  Alice had never intended to cross Brayden and she certainly thought that two spankings in one day would be the most she ever experienced, but found that living at Waldorf Manor was a curve so sharp that constant correction seemed unavoidable.  
“You are going over the arm of that sofa and you will feel my belt across your backside for your utter insensitivity.  Perhaps you will consider just how silly your father is then,” Brayden said, and calmly placed Alice over the rolled arm of the large sofa.  He lifted her pinafore and pulled her knickers down for the third time that day.
“The only thing I want to hear from you for the next five minutes is sobbing,” were Brayden’s last words before he used moderate force on all fifteen strokes of his belt.  Alice didn’t move or argue or whine.  She did exactly as she had been told and sobbed throughout.  
“Do you think your father is silly now?” Brayden asked, after he had finished replacing his belt and looked down at Alice who remained in position over the arm of the sofa.  
“No, Sir. You’re not silly, father,” Alice said, as thick, gaping breaths escaped between her sobs.  Her face was still buried in the sofa.  
“Good.  I certainly never thought it was,” he said, abruptly.

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Maddie's Intimate Authors Corner:

Each month I ask my guest authors a personal question, in hopes of drawing them out and giving you a tidbit of information and insight into who they really are, beyond their characters.

Decembers question is related to Santa's list. 

I asked Bella, your name is on the naughty list this year, tell us what you did to disappoint Santa and what the consequences were...   

Bella:  I will be very very honest - the one thing I know I was naughty for was repeatedly losing my temper a lot this year, shouting at my husband and speaking over the top of him.  We’re 26 and 28 and still learning the ropes of DD so it’s not been very easy, but I’ve sometimes made it more difficult by taking the reins right back intentionally when I get impatient.  A damn good thrashing should sort me out.

MT:  Get Hubby right on that Bella.  There's no time like the present for a good thrashing and, who knows?  It may just inspire more tantalizing spanking scenes for upcoming books!  I'm all in favor of getting your inspiration where you find it, even if it's over a lap, bench or the end of a sofa. 

Learn more about Bella Bryce at her website:

Thanks for joining me today, Bella.  I look forward to next Tuesday and part 2 of the Waldorf Series which will feature Bella's newest release, The Shortlist.

Tomorrow, Maren Smith joins me for Wicked Wanton Wednesday with her contribution to The Naughty List.  Remember to drop by for some holiday spanking fun.

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