Friday, December 27, 2013

WIPing up good fun on SatSpanks

This week I have a snippet from my WIP, Gideon's Redemption. 

My Hero is a Rock Star thus the Elvis' spank pic.  It's as close as I have to art at this point.  But he's more than a star, he is The King of Rock and Roll.  So I thought it would suffice. But who knew he was a spanker???. 

Gideon's Redemption is a story of love lost.  Gideon and Shannon were in love, but a terrible misunderstanding separates them, leaving both broken and hurting.  Ten years go by, each never having moved on because neither has ever stopped  loving the other.  When they meet again, old flames re-ignite.  Although mistakes have been made, the heat and attraction once there still persists. 

Can they put the past aside and start anew?  Will they be able to heal the wounds of the past and find their happily ever after?

Enjoy an excerpt from Gideon's Redemption

As she approached, the sound of a familiar baritone voice caused her skin to erupt in goose flesh.  The low tone thrummed across her sensitive nerve endings, playing havoc with her wits, and taunting her senses.  Although it had been almost ten years, she would recognize those deep sultry tones anywhere.  When they’d been together, just the sound of his voice, speaking softly in her ear, got her off faster than a horny prom date.  Her eyes flew around the table and stopped at the man who spoke.   Wavy brown hair brushed against broad muscular shoulders, his muscles flexing and bulging as his fingers threaded through his already tousled hair.  She stared at his large hands with the long tapered fingers--a musician's hands.  Although his back was to her, she’d recognize Gideon Elijah McCord’s voice and those talented hands anywhere. 
As if sensing her presence behind him, he twisted suddenly and his unforgettable green eyes looked up at her.  “Shannon?”


I'm hoping for a release of this contemporary romance sometime in January.  Stay tuned to #SatSpanks and my blog for updates.

Now get hopping to my fellow #SatSpanks participant's blogs for a spanking good time. 


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