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Torrid Tantalizing Tuesday with Bella Bryce; Part Duex

Today, we return to Waldorf Manor for part II of our series with Bella Bryce.  Although not quite G rated, Bella specializes in clean age play and domestic discipline, because good girls sometimes need to be spanked, too. 

Sorry Betty Boop, this means you, honey.  

The Waldorf Manor Series Continues with The Shortlist:
Ten months after ‘’The Solicitation’’ and Alice’s transition to Waldorf Manor, her uncle - Bennett Fowler - hopes to secure the companionship of a girl under his own authority at his nearby estate, Barton-Court House.  Alice is neither amused nor welcoming to Bennett’s new charge and it doesn’t take long for her to display adamant displeasure, feeling the newcomer is a threat to the carefully constructed life which has been built around her at Waldorf and in their circle.  Completely against his beliefs and expectations, Bennett discovers feelings for his new charge will complicate their arrangement.  He refuses to deviate from their strictly platonic relationship and his original intentions to be her disciplinarian . . . until he can't.

"The Shortlist" is the beginning of a rather unlikely romance and you'll see a side of Bennett Fowler you didn't know existed if you read "The Solicitation!"

Enjoy an excerpt from The Shortlist:

Mr. Fowler, good morning, a man on reception said, glancing from Bennett to the girl standing demurely beside him. 

          Good morning.  Im afraid I dont have an appointment, but I wondered if Steffan was available, Bennett said. 

          My best customer doesnt need an appointment, Steffan said, emerging from an inconspicuous door as he approached them.

          Its actually for Elisabeth, Bennett started.

          As soon as Bennett said the girls name, Steffan leaned forward and tipped her chin downward with his thumb and forefinger so as to get a closer look at the girl's roots.  He clicked his tongue disapprovingly as he observed.

          Oh dear, he said, and pulled Elisabeths chin back upward so that she was looking at him.  Come and sit down, Steffan said, and lead the way to his dedicated corner of the salon before the man on reception took Bennett and Elisabeths coats.

          Now then, what has happened here? Steffan asked, pulling up various pieces of Elisabeths tresses and inspecting them as though hed never seen hair before. 

          Im not too sure I want to know, Bennett said, watching Steffan look through Elisabeths hair as though it were painful for him.

          Young lady, you should never let girls your age play hair dresser at home with bleach.  Its quite dangerous, Steffan said.

          Bennetts eyebrows raised and Elisabeth glanced up at him as her cheeks blushed.

          How did you know? she timidly asked.

          Steffan was amused by Elisabeths question; having owned a salon with his wife for 25 years meant that they had pretty much seen everything.  And he knew homemade highlights from a mile away. 

          In any case, get rid of those highlights completely so its only her natural brunette colour, then cut her hair to just below her chin and add a fringe, Bennett said, folding his arms across his chest.

          Pardon? Elisabeth asked, turning in the chair to face Bennett.  He didnt look at her, but kept his attention on Steffan. 

          Thats about eight inches coming off, Steffan said, nodding at Bennett.

          Sorry?" Elisabeth asked, in the most polite tone she could possibly manage.  "I don't want my hair cut that short."

          Bennett gave Elisabeth a look.

          Shall I let you two have a chat first? Steffan asked.

          Steffan looked between Bennett and Elisabeth.  Elisabeth looked at Bennett, receiving a knowing glance from him and then closed her lips.  She had already been punished for openly questioning Bennett in public at the bank.  Elisabeth was certain it would be much worse if she carried on openly questioning him in public after having already been reminded. 
          The only chat to occur is the one we will have at home, Bennett said, raising his eyebrows at Elisabeth.  She knew what that meant and he always kept his word.

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The reviews are in;

5.0 out of 5 stars A new twist on domestic discipline December 1, 2013
By MissyG
Format:Kindle Edition
This story, like the 1st in the series, is a different brand of DD/AP. It is clean without the age play elements that are so common, no diapers, bottles and strict, cruel nannies. Instead it's a beautifully written, descriptive story about young women who need to be taken care of and the strong men who caretake while meeting their own needs to nurture, mentor and protect. We get to find out how Brayden and Alice from book 1 are doing 9 months into their relationship and see some jealous antics between the girls. We also get to see a budding romance which is different from the 1st book and something that I found most satisfying. I want to see how that all turns out so will wait patiently for book 3. Although not erotic, this enjoyable read contains several strict and well-deserved spankings (with delightfully stinging implements) that I highly recommend

Reviewer: Tia
12/08/2013 11:02pm 
This is the second book in a series, and I loved it nearly as much as the first. It is fantastically written and offers the addition of romantic interest between Bennett and his charge, Elizabeth, that was not seen in the first book. I absolutely cannot wait to see where the series goes next.
Reviewer: Pammy
12/08/2013 06:59am 
This is the type of novel that draws you in. As I read it I found myself absorbed in the story, leaving the real world far behind. It is romantic and sincere and the age play elements seem natural to the storyline. This is a great book by a talented author, and I highly recommend it.

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