Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dinah McLeod Helps Me End the Year In Style With a Father for Nicholas

This being my final blog post of 2013, I want to thank everyone who has guested, visited, shared and/or commented on my blog this year.  Kicking off in July, when I was clueless as to what I was doing, I have seen a steady increase in views and end the year with over 16,000.  Smaller than many, but larger than others, so I am still thrilled.  Thanks!

If there is anything you would like to see in the coming year, send me an IM or an email or just comment.  I'll be around on the SatSpanks blog hops and my ongoing weekly book spotlight, Wicked Wanton Wednesday.  Happy New Year, BDSM and Spanking Fiction Fans. 

Now on with the post!

Today, my guest blogger is friend and fellow Dinah McLeod from The Naughty List.  Her contributing novella is a heartwarming story of a woman, disillusioned with love who has decided to focus her attention on raising her son and her career in social work.  She isn't looking for love, but Adam kind of falls in her lap, then what choice does she have.  I thoroughly enjoyed this woman's foray back into the world of romance, as well as her first experiences with Domestic Disciplines at the hands (pun intended) of sexy Adam the EMT.  Enjoy Dinah McLeod's A Father for Nicholas.


Clara Jones no longer looks forward to Christmas with the same wide-eyed wonder of a child. A busy social worker, she sees more than her fair share of troubles every day. To her, December is a month full of bleak, depressing episodes. She is overworked and overwhelmed, and to top it off, her once delightful little boy has turned into a sullen thirteen-year-old, suspended from school for some mischief that went sour. Then along comes Adam, the too-handsome EMT who seems to have a special rapport with her son. Can he and his domestic discipline give her what she desperately needs? 


          “So.” Her voice was quiet, but rang throughout the closed truck. “How are we doing this?”

            He smiled gently at her and started to speak when he noticed the redness of her eyes. “Have you been crying?”

            “Maybe a little,” she admitted, sniffling at the mention of it.

            “What is it, honey? What happened?” He ignored the voice that told him not yet and reached for her. He was surprised by how easily she fit against him, like his body had been shaped for hers.

            She took a deep breath and then the whole story came pouring out. She talked about Suzzie—when she’d first met her, the subsequent visits, the abuse. She wept as she told him about the latest episode in which a drunken, stupefied mother stood and watched as her child was manhandled off a two-story balcony. 

            “Every time I think about it, I… what if she’d hit head first? What if she—” she choked on a sob, and Adam shushed her gently.

            “Don’t, don’t do this to yourself. You can’t think about it like that. The important thing she’s OK now, right?”

            “I guess,” she mumbled begrudgingly. “I don’t really know. How can anyone ever be ‘OK’ again after something like that?”

            Adam just shook his head. After all the things he’d seen, he asked himself that question a lot. He didn’t have an answer to give her.

            “And then her mom said… she said… the kids were a problem. A problem, can you believe it? And she asked me to…”

            He watched her with concern. She was taking sharp, tiny breaths and shaking with sobs. He squeezed his arm harder around her shoulders and leaned forward, pressing a kiss to her forehead. His lips tingled after contact with her delicate, feminine skin. It was their first kiss, he realized with a start. Immediately, he felt like such a jerk. He’d barely known her two weeks and this was how he acted?

            She smiled through her tears, touched by his kindness. He didn’t seem like such a threat right now. She’d been running so fast, so afraid to let her heart go and now, sitting in his warm truck, being this close to him, she wondered if it was even hers anymore. Maybe it had always belonged to him, and he had come into her life to give it back. “She wants me to adopt her.”

            He took the news in stride, schooling his features to mask the shock he felt. “What does Nicholas think of this?”

            She reached up and began to twirl a ringlet around her finger. “I don’t know. I haven’t told him yet. Hell, I haven’t told anyone but you.”

            He scowled at her and warned her again. “Language, Clara!”

            She only giggled. “Yes, sir.” She gave him a mocking salute and that did it.

            With strong arms, he pulled her over his lap. To his surprise she didn’t struggle or protest—she didn’t even squirm. He stifled a groan when he realized that she probably felt his hard cock pressing into her belly. If she did, she didn’t mention it. “Do you know why I’m going to spank you, Clara?”

            “My language?”

            She sounded so little-girl innocent that he couldn’t help but smile at her. “Yes, that and your attitude. Do you realize how hot and cold you’ve been to me since we met? You’ve been rude and sarcastic, which is not acceptable. I’m hoping this will teach you some manners.” He felt her tense over his lap but didn’t give it much thought as he brought his hand slamming down onto her leggings. They were tight, and he knew she would feel the blow as though she was wearing only underwear.

            “Ow!” she protested by the third smack. “Please, Adam.”

            He got a thrill every time she said his name. He smacked her again, soundly, silently praying for her to say it again.

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