Friday, December 20, 2013

SatSpanks; Better Than Snuff, But Ain't Half Near As Dusty

Today on #SatSpanks we harken back to days gone by in the wild, wild west with a snippet from my newest release, Marshal's Law.  
The Blurb...

When Janelle Prescott is thrown from her car as it careens off of an icy road, she expects to wake up in a hospital. Instead, to her utter disbelief, she wakes up in a jail cell which looks like something from an old western movie set. It is there, hurt and alone, with no idea what happened or how she will get back home, that Janelle first meets Aaron Jackson. As she regains her wits, however, Janelle realizes that something is terribly amiss, and her worst fears are confirmed when she learns that Aaron is the marshal of Cheyenne County, Wyoming… and the year is 1878.

When an injured, apparently addle-headed woman falls into his lap, Aaron takes it upon himself to keep her safe and nurse her back to health. Truth be told, he is instantly attracted to her despite her sharp tongue and her bizarre story—a story which he is quickly forced by the evidence to accept as genuine. After Aaron takes her under his wing and into his family’s home, the two clash frequently, but Aaron is more than ready to lay down the law… even if that means a good, hard, bare-bottom spanking for this feisty brat from another era.

Having little choice, Janelle must learn how to live as a woman in 1878, including submitting to the firm-handed marshal who, in spite of everything, seems to have laid claim to her heart.

I have given you several spanking snippets, today we go sexy and steamy.   Aaron has been out all night re-establishing order in their wild, old west town.  When he returns home, exhausted and dusty from the road, he gets a second wind finding Janelle in the tub.  
The Snippet::

“Did you miss me?”

“You know I did. I hate sleeping alone.”
“Your cheeks are pink and rosy. Is that from the bath, or were you thinking about your husband as you lay here naked,” he teased. Smiling at her discomfiture, he signaled with his hand and ordered, “Scoot forward. I’m coming in.”
The water sloshed over the sides as his big body slid in behind her. It was a tight fit, but once seated, he settled her on his lap before sliding deeper into the warm water.

"Mm, this is the only way to greet your man after he's been away--warm, wet and naked."

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