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"Surrender Your Grace", a 2013 nominee for Best Historical Spanking Romance

I am truly honored to be nominated and wanted to share a bit of Andrew and Cici's love story with you. 

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Although a fan of Regency and Victorian romance for years, this was my first venture in writing a historical romance.  It was such fun to research and even more fun to write.  

Surrender Your Grace is set in 1860's Victorian London and tells the story of an aristocratic couple who find themselves forced to cede to society's expectations and reluctantly marry.  As the pair grows to know each other as husband and wife, they face challenges and dangers that threaten their union.

Andrew is a dominant Lord who has firm ideas about how a wife should behave and even firmer ideas on how to provide correction, if she doesn't.  Cici is a well-bred, educated and demure young woman, the ideal lady as society expects.  But if she is such a docile bride, why does she keep finding herself over her husbands knee for much needed correction?  Will she learn to submit?  Can he exert his dominance without breaking her spirit?  

Enjoy an excerpt from Surrender Your Grace...

He hiked his right knee higher which pushed her balance forward and her bottom arced higher in the air.  Cici squealed in alarm as she reached forward to steady herself by placing her hands on the floor. 
“Easy, I’ve got you.  I am just getting you ready for the finale which will be administered to your sit spots.”  He pulled down her drawers until they lay loosely around her knees then rubbed something cool and smooth against the area where her buttocks met her newly bared thighs.  “That is this small, tender area where your lovely thighs and buttocks meet.  After a spanking, you will recall the correction each time you sit.  The sting may last a few hours, the entire night, or for several days depending on the severity of the spanking and the implement selected.  Afterward, there will be no rubbing or application of any creams or salves to ease your discomfort.  If I take the time to see to you, I will want you to experience the full effect.”
Cici lay paralyzed over his lap.  He meant business and spoke about her punishment in the same manner - cool and calm as if this occurred every day.  She wondered at the experience he spoke of. Was he in the habit of spanking all his women, including his paramours?   
“You will receive ten more swats before we proceed with our business with the staff and on to dinner.  I want you to take these like the grown woman you are Cecilia.  No thrashing around or trying to block my hand.  I don’t want you hurt.  You are free to make whatever noise you’d like, just remember that the walls are thin and we aren’t alone in our home.”
“I’ll try to be quiet, Andrew.”
“Good girl.”  He then brought down a world of pain to her previously untouched skin.
“Owww!”  She kicked and squealed in alarm.  So quickly she had abandoned her promise of silence.  That really hurt but it had also caused a tingling sensation low in her belly.     
“Settle down. This is too mild a spanking for you to be carrying on so.  I think that first swat shouldn’t count.”
“What is that?  It burns like fire.”
He held the implement in his hand down low near her face so she could see.  He revealed that he was using her own wooden hairbrush to paddle her bottom.  The indignity was almost too much to bear.  “This smooth wooden surface makes an excellent paddle for a naughty wife.  Now be still while I finish here.” 
Thwack upon resounding thwack echoed through the chamber as her husband landed smack after burning smack across what he called her sit spots.  As he landed the tenth and final blow, she was sobbing and wailing as if he had shot her.  He pulled her up to sit on his lap, the woolen material of his trousers abrading her tender skin.  This caused her to hiss and stiffen in pain.  Hugging her tighter, he rolled her slightly to one hip so his big hand could rub and soothe her bottom, gentling her.
“Hush now, that was a mere trifling of a spanking, not an execution.”  He rocked her slowly in his arms until her sobs subsided and only an occasional sniffle could be heard.
“If that was a mere trifle, I’m sure I couldn’t stand worse.  I think any more would kill me.”
“Nonsense, you are being over dramatic, Cecilia.  A good paddling never killed anyone.  But, if you don’t want to earn more, I suggest you mind your P’s and Q’s.
“Yes, my dear?”
“Are you going to do this every time I displease you?”
“No, but when I tell you repeatedly to do something and you do not comply, you can expect more of what you just experienced.  If you continue to be disobedient, then we will up the ante a little bit each time until you see the wisdom of following my orders.  I am not an unreasonable man, Cecilia, but I will be the head of my own household and I shall wield that authority over my wife, my children, and my servants.”  He tilted her head back and proceeded to mop up her tears with his linen handkerchief.  “Now, have you composed yourself enough for me to call your maid to help you dress?”
She nodded but her face flamed in embarrassment.  What would her maid think of her in this state of undress before dinner?  Andrew seemed to read her thoughts and was quick to reassure her. “The servants will be discreet or they will not be in my employ.” 
He smiled gently at her and then leaned in for her first kiss.  His lips were soft but firm as they pressed against hers.  It felt nice at first but when he slipped his tongue between the seam of her lips, an arousing tingling sensation coursed through her body.  Cici sighed in response.  Andrew soon ended the kiss with a small bite to her full lower lip and he teased the swollen rim, soothing away the sting with his tongue.  She was stunned by the intimacy of the kiss even though he had just had his hands on her bare bottom.  Pulling back too soon he commented, “We’ll have more of that later.  Tonight will be our wedding night.” 
“I wanted to thank you for being so considerate and waiting.”
“I am not unsympathetic, Cecilia.  I realized how hard it would have been for you to get introduced to a man one evening only to wind up in his bed the next.  Impromptu weddings like ours happen, but I wanted to give you time to adjust to being my wife before taking you, my sweet.  Plus, I thought being here in the country would be more relaxing and put you at ease.”  He placed one more searing kiss upon her lips before setting her from his lap.
“But rest assured, now that we are here at our estate, I am ready to do my husbandly duty and let you have amorous congress with me."  With that outrageous statement, he winked at her then crossed to the bell pull to call for her maid.

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As I write this blog, I am feeling nostalgic and think it might be time to re-visit Victorian London. I shall have to pay Andrew and Cici a call sometime soon and see how they are getting on as I tell the story of Maggie and Duncan.

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