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Happy Halloween--Club Decadence Style

It's a Halloween 

With the loosening of the rules due to Spank or Treat, I am pleased to present an excerpt from my very first book, Captain My Captain.  In this scene, Captain and Megan are attending a Halloween Masquerade at Club Decadence.  It is also Megan's first trip to the exclusive BSDM club.  I hope you enjoy this Halloween treat and please excuse the liberty I took in rearranging the scene a bit so that it matched the theme of today's Saturday Spanking.  Happy Trick or Treating!

An Excerpt from Captain My Captain; Club Decadence Book 1

When they arrived at The Club, the party was already in high gear.  To Megan, it looked like any other nightclub holding a Halloween masquerade.   The guests were in costume and the decorations consisting of spider webs, jack-o-lanterns, and witches gave it a spooky and festive feel.  Upon closer inspection, Megan quickly changed her opinion as she saw a cheerleader dancing in an extremely short skirt, bouncing and grinding against her partner, while exposing her long legs and quite a bit of her saucy bare bottom. 
The Doms and Dommes were wearing role appropriate costumes of powerful real and mythical creatures; sorcerers, pirates, vampires and even a Viking wearing what looked like a very realistic animal pelt.  The subs wore mostly skimpy, sexy costumes that complimented their Dom’s attire.  She saw Robin Hood with a sexy Maid Marian, a pirate with his scantily clad captive, a headmaster and schoolgirl, and a caveman with his cavewoman.  The caveman wore a short animal hide draped across one shoulder exposing his fabulous physique.  His sub wore a matching outfit with the same off the shoulder style, but her furry pelt exposed one full breast.   With respect to her barely considered modesty, she also wore some sort of bejeweled clip covering her nipple
Grinning broadly, Tony gently placed a finger under her gaping jaw and closed her mouth.  “Told you it would be fun, Angel.”

Later that evening, Tony gave her a full tour of the members only areas, including the private rooms upstairs.  They ended up in a Victorian-themed room.  Not coincidentally, it matched their period costumes of handsome Lord and housemaid—perfectly.   Over the past few months, Megan had shared many of her sexual fantasies with Tony and it appeared he planned to make the Number One on her list come true tonight.
Megan found herself standing before the Lord of the Manor in an excellent recreation of what appeared to be a 19th century study.  A huge, gleaming, wooden desk, almost an exact replica of the one in her fantasy, was the predominant piece of furniture in the room.  She remembered telling Tony that she often imagined that she was a serving wench in love with the Lord, a handsome, but lonely widower.  In her fantasy, she was a down on her luck aristocrat who had no choice but to become a servant to one of her own class.  It must have been a plot of one of the many romance novels she'd read over the years.  In her case, she dreamed of a happily ever after where the Lord, after having his way with the beautiful servant girl, fell madly in love with her and took her away from all of her troubles, marrying her in the end.  Of late, the plot had twisted somewhat and the servant girl found herself brought to the Lord’s study for some much needed chastisement. 
“Stand in front of my desk, wench.”
Startled by Tony’s commanding voice echoing through the chamber, Megan spun around to face him, her eyes searching his.  Tony winked at her and smiled.  His voice fell as he said in a stage whisper, “Here at Club Decadence, your wildest fantasies can come true, my love.” 
Slipping back into his role he frowned at her. “Come along now girl, do as you’re told or it will be all the worse for you.” 
Megan moved to stand in front of the large, ornate desk.  The top, she noticed, was free from any clutter; the only item was a blotter and a feather quill that sat next to it
“Now turn and face me.  Put your hands behind your back.”
Exhilarated with the new role-play, Megan unquestioningly followed his commands.
“It has been brought to my attention that you have been very naughty of late, my girl.   What do you have to say for yourself?”
“But, my Lord, I have not.  I have done all of my duties.”
“Hmm, that is not what Mrs. Hennessey has told me.  She said you were downright sassy, slow about completing your tasks, flirting with the groomsmen and that you even broke one of the antique vases in the parlor.”
“I did break the vase and I am very sorry, sir.  You can take the cost out of my pay.  As for the rest, it is certainly not true.  I am slow because I am unused to my tasks, never before having to scrub or clean.  And never would I flirt, my Lord.  My heart belongs to another.”
“Mm-hm…” Tony murmured as he sauntered across the room, stopping a hairsbreadth away from Megan.   Looking down on her from his imposing height, he smiled as he admired her skill at the game.  He enjoyed role-playing with the right partner.  It was yet another way in which Megan was perfect for him.  “Who owns your heart, wench?  Is it the Frenchman that I have seen loitering outside my door?  Or how about the handsome Major who has called for you several times.   Are you here to court or to serve me, woman?”
“I did not ask for their attention, my Lord.  Please, forgive me.”
“Well, you certainly have been a disruption around here.  Your behavior has most definitely been that of a flirt.  Why just the other day while dusting in here, I am certain you were flaunting your breasts before me.  All that bounty can be very distracting, wench.”  
Tony’s long finger traced the low neckline of her peasant blouse, curling around the ruffled edge and lightly dipping his fingertip into her cleavage.
“Yes, my Lord,” she breathed, arching her back slightly to encourage him to explore further.
“So, you admit it…  You were flirting.  What about this man you profess to have given your heart to?”
“It is you, my Lord.  I love you.”
Tony pressed against her lush body and lifted her so she was seated on the large desk behind her.  He stepped between her legs, spreading her knees as he slid her forward until her butt perched on the very edge of the desk.  The only thing keeping her in place was his strong thighs and hips as he pressed his raging erection firmly against her.
“So, you love me, do you, sweet wench?” 
She gasped as he pulled her blouse down, securing the elasticized neckline in place below her bare, sumptuous breasts.  He captured them both in his strong hands and bowed his head to take one firm nipple between his lips.  She arched her back, further inviting him to take more. 
“I have to admit I love you too, wench.  Why ever would I have brought such an incompetent servant into my home otherwise?  You can’t clean, you can’t cook, so I sure as hell hope you can fuck!”  
He laughed as she hummed with embarrassment, enjoying how easy it was to keep his shy little Angel off guard.  Smiling against her skin, his mouth moved to her other breast and sipped at the rigid peak. 
Suddenly, he reached behind her and swept the desk clean with one fast swish of his arm.  “I’ve always wanted to do that,” he whispered in Megan’s ear, slipping role for just a second.
She giggled, thrilled at his playful mood.  He then stood and flipped his naughty wench over so that her stomach and bare breasts were against the smooth mahogany surface. 
“Oh, my Lord.” Megan groaned with pleasure, having no problem keeping up her role of submissive housemaid.  “It will be my pleasure to serve you and receive your discipline.” 
She sighed as she felt her skirt slide up in the back, the cool air hitting her warm thighs and ass and wafting across her pussy that was encased in damp, blue fabric
“Very well, but it you want to serve and please me, we will need to establish some rules.  Number one—undergarments are not allowed.”  He quickly pulled them down and off her as he spoke.  Megan gasped as his hand instantly returned to grab handfuls of her flesh, tapping the large anal plug he'd inserted several hours earlier.  “Such an obedient lass.  You look good enough to eat.”
“Yes, please, my Lord.” She begged. 
Laughing, Tony slapped her exposed ass in a playful, but stinging swat.  “Greedy little wench, no treats until after your punishment.  Then I will see to your pleasure.  I want to take it slow and make this an evening we’ll not soon forget.”

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