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Daddy's Golden Rules: No cursin', no sassin', and always obey daddy! Tough Love 2 is LIVE!!!

It's time for more tough love. 
Tough Love 2: Daddy's Golden Rules by Maddie Taylor is NOW LIVE!!!'


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“We’re wasting our time, George.” The sheriff’s low voice was very close to an impatient growl. “I’m taking her to the station and charging her. I’ll return within an hour, and we can discuss my other troubles this evening.”

He walked toward the door, pulling her along with him

“Wait!” she cried, digging her heels in until he came to a halt. She turned to the judge. “This sentence… I get a spanking downstairs and apologize to your group, then I’m free to go?”

A grunt of disbelief sounded near her ear. “Would you expect such a light sentence in criminal court for felony theft?”

“Sam’s right, I’m afraid,” the judge concurred. “You’ll not find it that easy. For such a charge, you’ll be handed over to a dominant for a period of thirty days. He’ll likely put you to work in some capacity, but for the duration of your time here, you’ll live under his roof, abide by his rules, and be subject to his discipline. At the end of your sentence, you’ll have paid your debt to Wanaker Landing society.”

She recoiled, taking an instinctive step back. This brought her up against the chest of the sheriff, which, for all the give it had, might as well have been a brick wall.

“Thirty days is too much. No,” she exclaimed. “In fact, hell no!”

“You’re not being smart, my dear,” the judge advised as he shook his head. “But if you prefer three years in state prison and a criminal record that haunts you the rest of your life, so be it. Take her and have her charged,” he told Sam while he moved to the door. The other men followed, the young one for the first time having lost his smarmy grin, looking disappointed, instead.

“Wait!” she cried for the second time. “Don’t I get time to think about something so serious?”

They turned expectantly, glancing at the man holding her for some reason. When he nodded, the judge advised, “You may have sixty seconds.”

How generous. A whole minute to decide if she would hand herself over to a stranger who could do heaven only knew what kind of depraved things to her for a month.

“What kind of discipline are we talking about?”

“That’s up to the man who will be in charge of you,” the judge said.

“You saw what was going on downstairs?” the sheriff asked.

“If you’re referring to the floggers, crops, paddles, and restraints, yes.”

“Don’t forget the whips,” Geoffrey put in with a laugh.

“That’s quite enough, Kleinman,” Sam told the obnoxious attorney in a no-nonsense tone.
The younger man didn’t say another word, which Krista thought was the smartest thing he’d done since his arrival, but he didn’t do a very good job of hiding his scowl.

Sheriff Sam didn’t seem to notice, and, if he did, he plainly didn’t care.

“You will not be harmed,” he assured her. “But if you don’t behave during your time here, you can expect to experience much of what you saw. Except, instead of play sessions, your punishments will be real.”

Aka, painful.

“You might get lucky and get a judge who is lenient,” the owner of the necklace commented, drawing chuckles from the judge.

“Why is that funny?” she asked in a high-pitched voice, directing her question to the sheriff who, once again, was the only one not appearing amused by all of this.

“Judge Peterson is one of two judges who hear cases on the island. Since he knows of this personally, I expect he’d recuse himself.”

“You’d expect right, Sam,” the older man answered. “Which leaves you with the Honorable Nadine Pierce.”

“She’s called Mean Nadine for a reason, sweetheart,” Geoffrey interjected, serious for the first time when he addressed her. “Take the get-out-of-jail-free card you’re being offered.”

As she glanced around at the others, each was nodding encouragingly, excluding the sheriff who silently awaited her decision.

“Thirty days of submission or three years in lock-up. Which is it going to be?”

She wanted to argue more, or stall, or find an empty corner and cry, but after Judge Peterson summed it up so succinctly, it seemed she had only one option.

“Okay,” she said, her voice barely audible.

“What was that?” the sheriff asked. “Speak loudly so there is no misunderstanding.”

“I agree to your deal.”

“You’ll be required to sign a sentencing agreement,” the judge advised. “And to affirm in writing this is of your own volition.

“By coercion, you mean?” she grumbled.

“No, young lady,” the owner of the diamond necklace from hell informed her. “This is your choice. I’m fine pressing charges and letting the chips fall where they may for you, but I suspect you don’t want that, or we wouldn’t be standing here having this discussion ad nauseam.”

“Who will I be assigned to? Just some random sadistic stranger?” Her gaze shot to Geoffrey. If it was him, she’d just die.

But the judge’s gaze shifted over her head, to the man standing behind her. “I don’t think he leans to that extreme, but we’ll let Sam discuss all of that with you in private. Come down to my den when you finish with her, Sheriff. It won’t take me long to put the necessary paperwork together.”

The older man, along with the others, left her alone with…

Suddenly, understanding dawned.

She whirled, breaking the grip he’d had on her arm for the last several minutes, and looked up at Sheriff Golden. “He means you!”

“Indeed,” he replied, not with amusement but what appeared to be resignation.


Sheriff Sam Golden has three rules for his submissive, 
No cursin', no sassin', and always obey Daddy.

Krista Evans knows exactly how cruel life can be. When she was twelve, she lost her dad to war. Then her mother disappeared into the bottom of a bottle. Her heart has been broken, her money stolen, and she's had more than one run-in with the law. What the girl needs is a break. She just can't seem to catch one.

Sheriff Samuel Golden is a lonely man with nothing but work to fill his time. So when he busts a pretty young blonde in the midst of a theft, he's tempted by his immediate attraction to her. She's guilty as sin despite her protests to the contrary, but Sam can sense there's a lost little girl inside of her who just needs to be taught right from wrong.

In lieu of jail, Sam agrees to take Krista in hand for thirty days for some bare bottom rehabilitation. But when their obvious chemistry becomes unavoidable, Sam will have to choose: resist the lure of the girl who so desperately needs a stern-yet-loving daddy, or banish the ghosts of his past.

Publisher's note: Tough Love 2: Daddy's Golden Rules is a steamy Daddy Dom romance that includes mature themes such as BDSM and spanking. If this material is offensive, you'll probably want to keep shopping.



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