Friday, June 6, 2014

Spanking A-Z Blog Challenge: F is for Flogger, what else?

F is for flogger... There are so many different kinds, you can take your pick.  Just make sure to take one, or twenty.  <grin>  You won't be disappointed. 
She watched as he picked up the flogger from the hook on the side of the bench. 

“Just a few warm-ups,” was her only warning before his hand connected with her bottom, instantly reigniting the burning ache in her pussy.  A particularly smarting swat landed on her upper thigh and she yelped.  Several more followed on both sides, before Eric paused and rubbed her hot flesh.

“Time for your flogging, my sweet Valerie.  I don’t expect you to count these.  The way I wield the lash makes counting difficult, but I do expect you to take your punishment without too much carrying on.  Tears and some noise are allowed, but no screaming, name calling or cursing.  Understood?”

“Yes Master.  I’m a little scared.  Will it hurt much?”

“You’ll have to be the judge of that, little one.  This is a light-weight flogger, for beginners, but as punishment you will feel a sting, more than the paddle certainly.”

Without further explanation, he applied the first lash, the ribbons falling across her upturned bottom with a slap.  Val was relieved that the sensation was rather mild.  Minutes later, as the flails fell faster, she decided she must have been mistaken.  Each ribbon now created an intense prickle of stinging fire wherever it touched.  Tears stung her eyes after another minute.  She heard a whooshing sound before the next strike, and the contact felt different almost soothing.  Had she become numb to the pain?  The repetitive sound surrounded her, almost comforting in its predictability.  It lulled her, calming her as the fire in her bottom coalesced into a sensual heat. 


Valerie found out that a flogger isn't all that scary,
in a confident, trusted hand.  
Here is a lesson I'll call Floggers 101 
Light weight floggers for sensual play, warm up, or cool down--perfect for newbies.
This white doeskin flogger is soft and sensual and a must have, even if you're not into the least bit of pain, you've gotta try it.  Its like a lover's caress... yum! 

Um, this one is the blue bunny made out of fur... come on, how bad can it be?

Elk hide:  light, smooth, sensual.  Perfect for Florentine, two at a time.


Medium weight, good for mid-scene play when endorphin build-up is desired, not for the novice Dom or Sub.
Moderate thud and sting.
Kangaroo Cat: 
I debated putting this in the heavy category, but not as weighty as most.  Stingy and intense knots on the end like a cat.

Heavy weight -- the real deal, endorphins must be engaged or yeow!  Very thuddy and intense.  For the experience players who like heavy intense sessions.  (Uh... no thanks, says me!)
Thumpy, weighty
and intense
scratchy sensations

Remember, if you play, use caution and be safe, sane and consensual. 


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