Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Spanking A-Z Blog Challenge: J is for The Juniper Bride of course!

I'm sure you're asking by now... What exactly is a Juniper Bride?

Alas, I can't say and be a spoiler.  I will give you an excerpt that might give you a hint.

“Do you take this man for your husband?”

“Right now, no.  In August, when we are supposed to get married?  Then maybe...”

Surprised, the minister looked at Clint.  “I’m not sure we can continue without her agreement.  This is unprecedented for me.”

“She agrees.  She’s just in a snit because I moved up the nuptials, and she doesn’t get to wear her fancy dress and have all the frills.”

“But if she doesn’t agree...”

Clint lifted her left hand and asserted coolly, “She agrees enough to wear my ring.  She also followed me all the way from Boston and slept in my bed last night.  What else do you need as proof of consent?”

“Clint!”  Emmalee’s face flooded with heat, and she knew she turned every single shade of red.  That he had said that to a man of God!
“Was any of what I said untrue, Emmalee?”

“No, but it was most unseemly,” was her harshly whispered reply.  “What will he think?” Em’s hand flew to her mouth as she processed her words.  She’d as good as admitted what he claimed.

Clint looked at Reverend Mitchell and raised his brow.  The frowning man looked from him to the ring glittering on Emmalee’s finger.  Convinced, he went on with the vows.  He paused a moment later.  “I’m afraid to ask if there are objections.”

“I object,” Emmalee snapped.  “Doesn’t that count?”  .

“No.”  Clint wrapped his arm around her waist and curled her into his side.  His large hand slipped low on her back, two fingers resting on the upper swells of her bottom in subtle warning.  “Ignore her and finish.”

“By the power vested in me by God and the state of Iowa—”

“Iowa!”  Emmalee interrupted with a gasp of surprise.  “I must be in hell.”

The maid standing witness behind them giggled, right before Mrs. Barton, also a witness, shushed her sharply. 
 “I now pronounce you man and wife.  God help you, son.  I wish you luck with your juniper bride; you’re gonna need it.”  

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