Friday, June 27, 2014

A-Z Blog Challenge continues with V is for Victorian

Who doesn't love the Victorian Era?  

Spanning the 64 year rule of Queen Victoria, from 1837-1901, this period is known for its outwardly prudish moral strictures; the key word being “outward”, because we know that behind closed doors the Victorians weren’t quite as prudish as they wanted folks to believe.  They did like their bare bottomed discipline, after all.
I love this era for so many reasons.  There was the dominant man who was the ultimate head of household, his submissive woman who was revered for purity and femininity but quickly had her skirts lifted, split drawers parted and bottom bared for an infraction.  The fashion of the day leads to naughty thoughts although that wasn't there intention I'm sure.  Thinking of corsets and split drawers was sure to make any Victorian man randy, just like today.   Of course, there is also Victorian slang, which is a whole other post unto itself, the rituals and etiquette, and the prevalent use of domestic discipline.  See… there is so much to love, fantasize and write about, it is a spanking romance author’s dream come true.
If you like all those naughty things, here is a glimpse back to the day with an excerpt from Surrender Your Grace.  In this snippet, Lord Andrew, finds it necessary to discipline his new bride for the very first time.  Hold onto your bustle, Cici, this won't be the last time you are over his knee.  Enjoy!  
Surrender Your Grace
“Owww!”  She kicked and squealed in alarm.  So quickly she had abandoned her promise of silence.  That really hurt, but it had also caused a tingling sensation low in her belly.     

“Settle down. This is too mild a spanking for you to be carrying on so.  I think that first swat shouldn’t count.”

“What is that?  It burns like fire.”

He held the implement in his hand down low near her face so she could see.  He was using her own wooden hairbrush to paddle her bottom.  The indignity was almost too much to bear.  “This smooth wooden surface makes an excellent paddle for a naughty wife.  Now be still while I finish here.” 

Thwack upon resounding thwack echoed through the chamber as her husband landed smack after burning smack across what he called her sit spots.  As he landed the tenth and final blow, she was sobbing and wailing as if he had shot her.  He pulled her up to sit on his lap, the woolen material of his trousers abrading her tender skin.  This caused her to hiss and stiffen in pain.  Hugging her tighter he rolled her slightly to one hip so his big hand could rub and soothe her bottom, gentling her.

“Hush now, that was a mere trifling of a spanking not an execution.”  He rocked her slowly in his arms until her sobs subsided and only an occasional sniffle could be heard.

“If that was a mere trifle, I’m sure I couldn’t stand worse.  I think any more would kill me.”

“Nonsense, you are being over dramatic, Cecilia.  A good paddling never killed anyone.  But, if you don’t want to earn more, I suggest you mind your P’s and Q’s.


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