Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Spanking A-Z Blog Challenge: D is for Delightful.

On this edition of Wicked Wanton Wednesday, I am wearing many hats: Spanking A-Z Blog Challenge participant, author promo hostess, and artist of alliteration. All while away at a conference for two weeks. I think I should add some more w's.  How about weary and wacko... What was I thinking?

Fortunately, my good friend Bella Bryce (where was she on B day?) is joining me today and came well prepared. 

For 'D' day on the challenge, she brought with her this delightfully, delicious dollop of domestic discipline.  LOL

Enjoy an excerpt from her newest release, The Glass House, Book 4 in the Waldorf Manor Series.


Waldorf Manor is enchanting. Not just because of the formality of its residents and the privilege of wealth, but because it guards and protects a lifestyle some could easily mistake as traditional. It isn’t traditional to Brayden James, it’s very deliberate. Beyond the protective gates of Waldorf Manor and Barton-Court House are the lives of two men who believe formality and discipline are necessary strongholds in life. Some strongholds, however, can be crippling; especially when they prevent a man from pursuing love.

Simultaneously, a thirty-year marriage is hanging by a thread and despite the shell of their lives being molded by similar wealth and formality, their roots have come undone. The mother of the groom can’t let go of controlling everything around her, and her husband is finally faced with the consequences of his apathy. Either way, there is truth to be spoken, healing to come, love to be shown and plenty of discipline to be administered.


“Answer me,” he said, and laid an extra hard whack to her.

“Owww! Bloody hell, Jon!”

Jon raised his eyebrows and blinked, then pulled her up from his lap and clicked his tongue in disapproval as she struggled to quickly pull her dress down. “Leave it.”

Evelyn’s eyebrows inverted.

“Now you’re swearing. Are you trying to find out how I’m going to handle each indiscretion?”

She didn’t reply.

“I think you are,” he said, amused at being correct. “I don’t intend to keep you wondering.” Jonathan held his wife like a toddler who needed their trousers checked, as he pulled up her knickers and stockings for her. “You’ll be wearing garters from now on. These stockings are absolutely ridiculous.”

Evelyn blinked a few times and very nearly chuckled. Jon wasn’t backing down, he was slowly staking a claim on more of her behaviour. It was bittersweet and sensual.

“They’re only ridiculous if you’re trying to get inside of them,” she replied.

Jon gave her a raised eyebrow look. “Precisely, and I intend to every day from now on, for one reason or another.”

Evelyn’s eyes widened.

“Don’t look shocked, Darling. I’ve been wanting you since our wedding night, but you’ve been such a tease,” he said, taking her by the arm.

“Now where are you dragging me?”

“You can have your mouth washed out with soap for swearing. After that, I want you again.”

Evelyn laughed as he escorted her toward the study door.

“Is something funny?” he said, pulling her in front of him. He stood between Evelyn and the heavy, wooden study door and pushed her right up against it.

“I’m just waiting for this Polyjuice Potion to wear off.”

Jon frowned. “Did you just make a Harry Potter reference?”

Evelyn shot him a saucy smile. “You can’t blame me.”

“I can and I will. I’ll show you just how hard I can blame you,” he said, and pulled her away from the door, then opened it and tugged Evelyn along behind him straight into the corridor. “Hold my calls, I’m out of the office,” Jon told one of the maids as he pulled his wife past. The maid lowered her eyes, feeling it was intrusive to see such a delightful look on Evelyn’s face. She’d never seen Evelyn look so pleased with herself.

“Yes, Sir. For how long shall I say, Sir?”

“Indefinitely,” he called over his shoulder.

Evelyn couldn’t help but giggle as he pulled her along.

It wouldn’t be until dinner that any of the staff would see their employers again, which made for a shocking change. Evelyn was usually on her broomstick at sunrise and didn’t dismount until long after sunset. No one was complaining; not even her. She was shrieking and groaning, but certainly not complaining.



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Thanks for dropping in today Bella and I wish you all the best with this latest addition to your wonderful series.

Sorry folks, no authors corner this week because my brain is simply on autopilot.  Next week the corner returns with an interview with brand new erotica author Melody Parks