Saturday, June 21, 2014

A HOT coming attaction on #SatSpanks... Introducing Pleasure Bay.

Pleasure Bay; where dreams will come true.

Today, I am happy to preview a collaborative erotic romance by me; Maddie Taylor and Melody Parks. 

Vanilla, BDSM, Spanking... whatever your flavor... whatever your kink... You name it and you can get it on our tropical island. 

Dimitri De Luca has turned his private Caribbean island into an exclusive tropical playground where fantasies are turned into reality. He has hired a crack team of experienced dominants and submissives to help him run this unique resort. One in particular is tying him in knots. While he's trying to make other peoples fantasies come true, can he make Mariah see that he is her fantasy man and that all she has to do to make her dreams come true is trust him?

In this first installment of Pleasure Bay, three couples journey to the island looking for answers.

Sydney Greene has always dreamed of a Dominant male who will sweep her off her feet and take charge. If that means a few trips over his knee all the better.

Shane Moore is a man's man, masculine, strong and successful in his construction business. He is always the decision maker, but just once he'd like for someone else to take control. He struggles with this because who he wants to take charge is a dominant woman, and he wants her to do it in the bedroom.

Jennifer Reed is an experienced submissive, after her last long term relationship ended abruptly, she was reluctant to try and get hurt again. When she learned of Pleasure Bay, she saw it as an opportunity to make her deepest, darkest fantasy come true. Once she has experienced it, she can go back to her boring dental career satisfied. At least that's what she thought until she arrived on Pleasure Bay.

Three fantasies, three couples, and three days for Dimitri and his staff to make them come true.

Snippet from Sydney's fantasy on Pleasure Bay:

Once he made her breathless and had her begging for more, he moved on. Down her belly and over her hips, around to the full globes of her bottom where he cupped a full cheek and squeezed, molding her pliant flesh.
“Fuck me!”

Words that rarely passed her conservative lips slipped free as the unexpected cry defined her need and passion. The next instant she was lifted in strong arms and towed to the water’s edge. Handling her easily, he pressed her face down, her cheek and belly lying flat against the smooth, table-shaped rock, her bottom pointing skyward, bare and on display. Then it happened. His hand blazed down upon her. Open palmed, he connected with her wet skin, the sound echoing throughout the private grotto.

Stay tuned for more sexy previews and release information.

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