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SatSpanks and the A-Z Blog Challenge: W is for words.

SatSpanks meets the A-Z blog challenge, plus promoting a new release when I'm not limited to eight lines.  Hot damn!  This is my kind of Satspanks.  Sorry, it isn't a SciSpanks snippet.  But if a BDSM club, rope bondage, and sexy Dominants are your speed, plus danger, intrigue, suspense and mystery... and did I mention spankings?  Then read on.
W is for Words.  What is an author without words?  We love to use wonderfully descriptive words to set a scene, powerful and evocative words to express emotion, and vivid and imaginative words to create a lasting impression in your mind.  With all that, who needs TV?  
Here are several words from my upcoming release.
Unbind My Heart; Club Decadence Book 4. 
Watch for it July 5th from Blushing Books.
The Blurb:
Unlucky in love and gun-shy after the epic failure that was her marriage, Lexie Berry is looking for nothing more than a girl’s night out as she joins her friends for drinks and good music at Club Decadence. She didn’t plan on sexy Master Jonas capturing her eye and sparking more than her interest. He’s a Dom though, and she hasn’t had sex in six years, not since her ex-husband violently attacked her in a drunken rage. But Jonas is tall, ripped and handsome. He’s also an expert at rope bondage, her guilty fantasy that she’s kept secret for years. In fact, he teaches classes in Shibari at his new MMA studio and asks her to be his model. Can Lexie move beyond her traumatic past and be brave enough to explore with Jonas? Can he be the one to earn her trust and help her break free from the bonds of her constricted and wounded heart?
Stopping in the doorway, she looked around at the brightly lit smaller studio.  Her eyes scanned the blinds on the windows and then rose to the ceiling where she gaped at the network of cables, pulleys and chains. 

“What do you do in this room?”

“This is where I’ll be holding my Shibari classes.”

Her breath caught as images flashed before her of Jonas’ binding her in intricate ties and suspending her from his rigging system.  She walked farther into the room with her heartbeat accelerating, palms sweating, and other more private parts dampening as well.  She tried to play it cool, although she’d already disclosed her fascination with ropes thanks to a trio of lemon drops.

“I think I may have mentioned that a photographer friend and I are working collaboratively on a book.  The topic is Shibari; not a how-to, but an artistic representation of how beautiful rope art can really be.”  He walked up to Lexie and gently pulled her face down from where she was staring upward, transfixed by the bevy of ropes and pulleys in the ceiling.  “I was hoping you would be my model.”

“Me?  Why me?”

“My usual assistant for demonstrations is pregnant and unable to participate.  She also isn’t quite the image I want to portray in the book.  I need someone who is flexible and has the endurance to be tied and posed for long hours at a time.  With your beauty and grace, along with your background in gymnastics and modeling, you’ll be perfect.

 Lexie was intrigued and extremely excited by the prospect.  To be tied up and displayed for this man was a fantasy come true.  She knew she didn’t have to worry about friends and family seeing the pictures and being offended.  Her only family was in the lifestyle and most of her friends as well.  “What if I don’t like it?”
“Being tied you mean?  I was planning to do an introductory class this weekend.  You could be my demonstration model.  This will be a beginner’s class, so everyone will be new and nervous.”
She thought about it for several minutes.  “Like a test run.  Okay, I’d like to try.”
“Shibari can be a relaxing, sensual experience.  I think you will enjoy it.  I hope I can open your eyes to the true beauty and power of the experience.”  Jonas took a step closer and brought her face up to his.  “I’m very attracted to you, Lexie.  Ever since the first night, I’ve wanted you.  Tonight was a first step in building something between us.  Shibari will bring us even closer together and be a giant step toward a deeper relationship, ultimately easing you into the BDSM lifestyle, as well.” 
Jonas’ words and his thumb grazing along her plump lower lip had her melting.  His touch was magnetic, and she seemed to be pulled closer, the attraction irresistible, his lips compelling. 
“It will be an exciting and very satisfying journey for us both.  Does that sound like something you’d like?”
“Yes, Jonas, I think I’d like that very much.”   

“Excellent.  That means as of now, I am your Sensei."

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