Sunday, June 29, 2014

A-Z Blog Challenge: Y is for Yes, Sir!

Next to last post for the A-Z Blog Challenge!  It has certainly been that... a challenge, but fun.  Especially digging through some old excerpts and re-visiting with old friends from early books.

I only have one problem...  what the heck am I going to post for Z???  Ah, but I'll think about that tomorrow. 

Little Light of Mine, Club Decadence Book 3

The Blurb...
Elena Lopez has changed.  Not only her outward appearance, but also inside where she struggles with her own personal demons.  She tried desperately to cope with her horrible secret, but couldn’t.  So she ran, leaving her friends, her family and the only life she had ever known far behind.  She also left Dex, who she knew was the love of her life. 

Since returning from the war Dex is different, no longer the outgoing, gregarious, extrovert he once was.  He is now remote, cool and distant.  But it isn’t the war that plagues him, instead it’s personal.  He hasn’t gotten over the loss Elena, his true submissive the perfect counterpart to his innate dominance.  Will he ever be able to put the past behind him and move on?  And if he can’t how will he ever exorcise her from his heart and mind.  How will he make his body stop craving hers?   

Neither one of them has been able to move on.  Elena is unable to control her longing for him.  She misses Dex and the lifestyle including the sights and sounds of BDSM, and even the spankings.  So, while home dealing with a family crisis she decides it’s finally time to deal with her past and face her demons.  Elena knows that she must get Dex to forgive her somehow.  She is determined to reach him in order to reconcile with him no matter the price.  She will yield to his dominance, submit to any demands, and surrender to any punishment if she can just make it right with him again.     

He seemed to read her thoughts and moved around to stand between her spread thighs. “Look at me.” 

She looked into his beautiful sky blue eyes.  He looked like her Dex on the outside, but she had wounded him terribly.

“You’re trembling, sub.  Are you afraid of me?”

“I’m nervous, Dex.” 

“A little anxiety is good, but remember you have your safewords.  I expect you to use them if you need to.  I also expect you to respond respectfully during our time together.  If I give you a command or ask a question, I expect you to answer me appropriately.  You will refer to me as 'Sir' during play.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”  Elena whispered her response softly.  She realized that a lot had changed since he collared her long ago.  Most of all, that he didn’t want her calling him Master anymore.  That wasn’t what this was about.  

“Excellent.  Place your hands behind you and offer me your breasts.”

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