Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Spanking A-Z Blog Challenge: N is for Naughty

N is for naughty,
what else?
Poor Janelle, finding herself back in 1878 without a clue of how to get along in this old-fashioned time with Aaron, who is definitely and old-fashioned man, well... she finds herself in trouble and behaving quite naughty, very often.  But that's what makes it so much fun!  See for yourself with this excerpt from my first western with a time-travel twist...
Marshal's Law
“Come over here and let’s have that discussion.”

Janelle froze. He had used that word several times since leaving Doctor Duphus’ office.

“Do you mean a verbal discussion, or a spanking discussion?”

“The latter, of course. Your behavior just now was atrocious.”

“But, Aaron, he made me so mad!”

“I know, but that doesn’t excuse storming down the street using foul language for the entertainment of the town. We’ve talked about this before, Janelle. What is the rule?”

“Respect. How I act is a reflection on you.”


“You won’t tolerate foul language and rough behavior from your woman.”

“Exactly. Now get your naughty behind over my lap and let’s get this done.”

“But, Aaron…”

“Stalling and complaining makes it worse.”

Janelle remembered where they were and looked around for his deputy.

Aaron reached out and clasped her wrists, pulling her gently toward him. “I sent Mitchell on an errand. He won’t be back for a while. The door is locked, and we’re alone. Now, get over here.”

She reluctantly but willingly did as he asked. He sat on a wooden bench in the main room, and she was relieved to see he had placed it out of view of the windows. Knowing she deserved a spanking, she eased herself over his lap. Aaron immediately settled her securely in place before lifting her skirts, muttering angrily when he encountered her ‘ridiculous rump cage’, as he called her bustle.

She felt his hands span her waist, and she was upright again, standing between his spread thighs as he loosened the ties on her skirts and petticoats and the built in caging fell to the floor. “What are you doing, wearing all this nonsense? I need a map and a divining rod to find you under all these trappings.”

“It’s what all fashionable, respectable ladies wear these days, Aaron.”
He grunted noncommittally as he pulled her back over his lap. Her split-bottomed drawers made it easy to bare her bottom as he tugged on the string and pulled the back panels apart. Janelle didn’t have time to feel the cool air against her bare skin, because without any preliminaries, he lit into her bottom with gusto.

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