Friday, June 20, 2014

A-Z Blog Challenge: Q is for Quarrelsome

 Quarrelsome.  Seems like a wonderfully old-fashioned word. 

My grandmother used it, so it must be.  I looked up the origin, which states it was first used in the 1500's, but Isn't there something about a quarrelsome wife in the bible?

Hm... Looked that up and found Proverbs 21:19: It

is better to live in a desert land than with a

quarrelsome and fretful woman.

Oh dear, the nagging wife stereotype has been haunting us since biblical times! Well, there is one sure fire way to keep it in check and Clint Ryan employees it quite well and often.  In this scene, Clint finds Em quarrelsome as he prepares to leave for Denver, of course he shows his displeasure in the time honored way... OTK.

Enjoy a little excerpt from The Juniper Bride.

"What’s gotten into you tonight, Em?  You aren’t usually so quarrelsome.”

I don’t want you to go off and leave me, Clint.  Please.”

"Sweetheart, what about me has led you to believe I will tolerate this behavior?  Or that it will change my mind?  I have made a decision about your safety and that should be enough for you.  Do you understand?”

She nodded, another tear escaping. 

“Let’s not spend our last evening together in a squabble.”

“Our last evening?  You’re leaving tomorrow?”

“My train pulls out of the station at two o’clock.  Will you come see me off?”

“I shouldn’t. You were quite heartless just now.”

"No, heartless would be having no regard for your safety and well-being.  Heartless would also mean being spineless and caving in to your demands.  You don’t want a husband like that, do you, Emmalee?”

“It might be easier on my backside if you were just a hint of those things.”

“Emmalee.”  Her name, spoken in that stern tone, could scold and influence all at the same time.  

“Fine.  Of course, I don’t want a weak-willed, pathetic excuse for a husband, but do you have to spank me?”

“I’ll handle things as I see fit.  You know that “In the future, I will seek a bit more privacy.  I had no idea she’d barge through a closed door.”

"She has no sense of boundaries.”

“Mm…  So, are we settled, then?”

“I suppose.”


“Fine, I am settled.”

“That’s my girl.”  With his head bent, he brushed her lips with his.  At first, it was a soft touch of his lips, tender and sweet, leaving her slightly breathless; then when her lips parted for air, his tongue swept inside. 

"You taste like strawberries and cream,” he murmured as his tongue retreated.  “Delicious.”

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