Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Spanking A-Z Blog Challenge: K is for Kiss

Wicked Wanton Wednesday and the Spanking Blog Challenge on the same day. 

Today, K for Kiss

Let's talk about kissing a bit.  Why do we do it?  It's quite unsanitary, spreads nasty germs and if one of the kissers has bad breath, well that's just... ew!  Scientists and behaviorists have studies kissing, primates do it but on 90% of humans do it.  ( The other 10% don't know what they're missing.) 

Is it instinctual or learned behavior.  Some scientists believe that it is a way of sniffing out a compatible mate, scent and pheromones helping us decide who is going to give us (the woman usually) the best chance at strong, healthy, viable offspring.  Rather clinical, huh.  Others have a theory about the mother animals chewing the food for their young, again... ew!

Have they considered, maybe, just possibly that we do it because it makes us feel good?  Hm... 

Whatever the reason we suck face, smooch, swap spit, get to first base or play kissy face, does it matter?  If you like it, lay one on your honey and to hell with the reason why!

On K is for Kiss day, I also get to host a brand new spanking author, or at least her alter persona.  Introducing Melody Parks. She has brought along a kissing excerpt for our alphabet challenge.  Thanks so much Melody.  Now on with our feature presentation...

The Immortal's Bite
On a drive to Springfield, Cassandra Dare loses control of her car on icy roads and ends up in a cornfield in Kansas. Hurt and disoriented after the crash, she makes her way to a run-down farmhouse. Finding the door unlocked but no one at home, she takes shelter inside and falls asleep, only to be awakened by the pale but incredibly handsome Gregorie Darnsworth.

Gregorie is immediately attracted to Cassandra and sees in her a strong resemblance to his late wife, so he encourages her to at least put something in her belly before going back out into the cold. In short order, the drug he mixes into the warm broth she drinks begins to work and she loses consciousness.

When Cassy awakens, she learns that Gregorie was once a doctor and has been caring for her injuries, but she laughs at him when he claims to be a vampire… until he transports her from his house to her home in the blink of an eye. She is shaken but intrigued—and drawn to his deep, silky voice, hard body, and old-fashioned ways—so she invites Gregorie back the following evening.

Cassy has been waiting for a dominant man who will pay no heed to the demons of her past and simply take her, and Gregorie does just that, showing her it is safe to let a man touch her again and then satisfying her in a masterful way unlike anything she has felt before, bringing her body to the highest peaks of pleasure again and again. Their passion for one another grows quickly, but can a vampire—and all of the darkness that is part of him—really be the man of her dreams, or will she ultimately have to face a life without Gregorie?
Snippet from The Immortal's Bite:

“Shh,” he whispered as he moved in close to her.

Before she had time to object he had one hand around her waist and the other was moving smoothly up her back. His dark eyes glistened as he pulled her body to his. She felt her lip trembling as his face moved closer to hers. Oh God! He was going to kiss her and damn if she didn’t want him to. Their lips met and her insides twisted. She moaned into his mouth, and felt his cock throb against her belly.

He must have taken that as a sign to ravish her mouth, because their lips never broke contact as he guided her up against the wall, near the window. Pressing his body into hers, he slid his hands down her arms and took hold of her wrists, gently pulling them above her head.

Maddie's Intimate
Authors Corner
The corner is back and today we'll be brief since we have so much going on.  We'll also be short and sweet because for an author, Melody is surprisingly succinct!  Here we go.
MT: How much of your books are realistic, based on your own personal experiences?

MP: About one tenth of one percent. I like to keep them purely fictional.

MT: How same/different are you from your main character.

MP: In a way, I am all of my characters to some degree and because my personality normally changes by the hour I’d say I’m a lot like my main character/s.

MT: What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

MP: Don’t give up. Set realistic goals. Talk with other authors. Visit their blogs and read a few of their books.  

MT: What is your favorite genre?            

MP: Erotica and Horror. Or you can put them together and say Erotic Horror.

MT: What is the trait or characteristic you find most appealing about your significant other? 

MP: His smile

MT: Does he/she read your work?  Either way, why or why not?

He does not read my work. I asked why just for this post. His answer-  Ignorance is bliss!

MT:  LOL, hahaha! Silly man, he might get inspired, or at least get some ideas!

MT: Worst spanking/BDSM memory

MP: The willow switch. I was around 11 years old. Those things have quite a reach, and sting like the dickens.

MT:  Yeow! I imagine a switch from any tree would hurt like the dickens.  My oh my, something not in my repertoire of spanking memories, thank goodness.

Thanks for being on today, Melody and best of luck with your new released.