Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Spanking A-Z Blog Challenge: T is for Taylor... That's Me!

It can also be for tawse.  Yes, I have employed this very nasty little implement in a book or two.  Want a naught little taste of the tawse?  Let's ask Tony (another T) aka Captain Rossi.

Megan has been very naughty by withholding information from her Dom, something Tony won't tolerate.  He demands honesty and trust, always.  Since Master Rick was impacted by her actions, he gets to pick out the implement of her chastisement (the tawse) and witness her punishment.

Here's an excerpt from...

You Said Forever, Club Decadence Book 2
(I LOVE this cover... because it's Jimmy, of course)

She watched him pick up the leather tawse.  Both men heard her swallow in the quiet room.  The worn leather strap Rick had selected was two inches wide with two thongs and aside from the cane, was one of Megan’s least favorite implements.  Figures, Rick would pick out the most hated weapon in Tony’s arsenal. The sting of the tawse was quite severe, like a hundred bee stings.  It was also an impact instrument and gave a thud even with the well-regulated blows Tony was applying.  She could feel it deep beneath the skin and knew her muscles would be sore and her bottom would burn like fire long after her punishment was over.  She couldn’t imagine what she would feel after receiving the paddle, tawse and cane all in one session.  Holy cow!.
Tony watched her butt carefully, she had tolerated the paddling well and was only at a light rosy hue.  He knew that would change with the tawse.  It tended to leave some bruises on her pale skin, so he rarely used it.  But this was about discipline and correction, not pleasure.  He guessed if he were to check, his little Angel would be as dry as a desert.  She usually responded to the pleasure/pain of any kind of spanking with a soaked pussy and was ready to be come when they finished.  Tonight, she was racked with guilt and remorse, these emotions and the humiliation of getting a real punishment in front of Rick, were overriding her usual erotic pain response.  Tony would have to watch carefully because in her guilt, he doubted his naughty masochist would safeword, no matter what.
Lochgelly_Tawse.jpg (591×199)“Let’s continue,” was Tony’s only warning before the tawse began to rain down in steady strokes. The leather striking the area between her lower buttocks and upper thighs turned her skin quickly to a deeper red.  Tony applied the strapping at gradually increasing increments so that by the final five she was experiencing the full effect a tawse can deliver.  Despite her cries, she didn’t utter a word or ask him to stop.  She accepted the pain as her due and the round of fifteen finished fairly quickly. 

His hand checked her after each five swats for heat, bruising, or broken skin and was pleased that no stroke had come close to damaging her beautiful skin.


“Green, Sir,” Megan forced out the words between shuddering huffs of breath and her sobs.

“You’re certain?  Do you need a break?”

“No, Sir.  Please, I’d like to get it over with.”
“I’m sure you do, baby, but this isn’t a race.”  Tony scolded, then stepped to the nightstand and picked up some oil.  He gently massaged it into her tender butt and sit spots paying special attention to the few welts on her thighs.  After about five minutes of massage he stopped and picked up the cane from the bed.

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