Monday, June 16, 2014

Spanking A-Z Blog Challenge: M is for Master

 So... I took a long weekend, but I'm back. 

Where did I leave off?  Ah... yes.  Letter M, which to day is for Master. Master Eric to be specific.  He is one sexy, badass dominant who really knows how to set a girl on fire, in more ways than one.

Enjoy this excerpt from the first book in my Decadence LA series:

Master My Love

“Bend over the back of the couch.”

Shocked, she complied without hesitation.

“I am trying to remember how new this all is for you.  After a week, you are still a mere babe in the woods.”

He stepped up behind her and lifted her dress in back.  Leaning over her, he used his chest to press her forward until she was forced to catch herself with her hands on the cushions. 

“This is what I mean when I tell you to bend over.”  His voice was a seductive growl in her ear as his big body covered and enveloped her.  She arched in response.  He spread her legs, his booted feet nudging hers wide apart.  Her bare cheeks and pussy lips separated as he aligned their hips.  He ground his hips into her, allowing her to feel every inch of his hard length pressing against her softness.  Then he stood, the loss of his support making her teeter unsteadily, her toes straining to maintain contact with the floor as she balanced over the high-backed couch. 

Eric’s hand came down upon her lower back, keeping her in place.  His other hand delivered a smarting swat a second later.  It was followed by another on her other cheek.  Like a clock striking twelve, the sound of his hand spanking her echoed resoundingly through the room, until a dozen hard stinging slaps had been applied to her bottom and upper thighs. 

“You asked something of me, Valerie.  I have given it to you.  In return, I ask this…” Her breath caught in her throat as his warm hand stroked her heated skin, soothing the sting, the heat of a dozen blows merging into a fiery ache beneath his hand.  “While we are apart, consider what a D/s relationship with me entails.  I will expect you to trust me and yield to my guidance.  I shall expect you to obey me and submit to my dominance.”    

Bending his head, he pressed a brief kiss against her mouth.  He slid his lips along her cheek until he reached her ear and latched on.  Nipping the lobe gently between his teeth, he delivered one final message.  “Think it over carefully, because the next time you decide on willful disobedience, I shall not be so pleasant.”  Then he was gone. 

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