Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Sons of Johnny Hastings blog tour rolls on with The Blacksmith's Bride by Patricia Green

 We've reached the end of the line for the blog tour which makes Patricia our caboose.  But last, is certainly not least with her contribution; The Blacksmith's Bride.  I love all the covers in the set; they are simply gorgeous.  But when I look at Abel on Patricia's cover, I can't help but drool over the shoulders on that man.  Yum!

I hope you have enjoyed the excerpts and Q&A I've had the pleasure of sharing with you over the past month.  Don't forget to comment for a chance at the end of tour prize drawing.  Good luck.

The Blacksmith’s Bride by Patricia Green

Sunny Winslow knows exactly what she wants in a man. When she meets the blacksmith, Abel Armstrong, in her new home she's immediately hooked. Unfortunately, her mother has other plans for her that do not include a blacksmith. She is determined to tie Sunny to a rich town counselor. Sunny is desperate to escape the counselor, so she embarks on a series of schemes to get the man she wants.

Abel Armstrong has some skeletons in his closet. In the late 1800s, it's quite the scandal to be a divorced man. Over the course of the last ten years, he's had to work very hard to get his reputation back. Meeting Sunny is like a breath of fresh air, but he can't afford to throw caution to the wind and force their joining by doing something disreputable.
Can spankings teach Sunny to have some patience and trust that Abel's way is the right way? And, can Abel deal with Sunny's impulsive scheming and keep his standing in the community intact?


Neither do I, but you've put us both in that position." He reached out and pulled her over his lap. "Good girls don't lie."

"Stop it! This is outrageous! Let me go!"

"I'll let you go after I'm sure you're not goin' to lie to me or your mother again." Abel pushed her bustle up onto the small of her back, exposing her ankles as her skirt rose a few inches.

Sunny felt her face flame, and she didn't think it could get hotter, but it did. Abel spanked her bottom with the flat of his hand. It wasn't that it hurt, though she could tell he meant it to be uncomfortable, but it did embarrass her. To think that she was spread over his lap like a sack of flour getting her bottom spanked was undignified in the extreme. What if Martha Diggins returned? The woman would probably laugh at her protests, the perverse old hag. But Abel didn't seem to be taking that into consideration as his hand rose and fell over and over again.

Sunny squirmed, trying to get away, too well aware that her breasts were flattened at the side of his thigh, that her posterior was his target. It was too much to bear.

"Let me go! I'm sorry! I didn't mean any harm."

He didn't answer, except with more spanks.

"Please, Abel. Don’t be so mean."

"Mean, am I? Well, if the shoe fits…" he said, his voice grim. With that, he pushed her skirts—all of them—up to her back and exposed her bottom. Her pantalettes were showing! Sunny thought she'd die of shame.

"Stop! No! You can't!"

"Oh, yes, I can." With hardly a pause, he began whacking her rump again. Her pantalettes were no help at all, the thin cotton hardly a film over her cheeks.

These spanks hurt. And the hurt built up as he continued to ply his hand over her seat and down her thighs.

"Oh! Ow! Stop!"

"Are you goin' to lie to me again?"

Her plan was in tatters, and Sunny had to admit defeat. It hurt, though, not just her bottom, but also her heart. She'd hoped to make so much of her relationship with Abel. That hope was for naught. He'd never talk to her again after this. Tears smarted her eyes and made her nose sting. "I'm sorry," she said on a sob.

"Are you sure?" Again, his hand rose and fell. Sunny's behind felt like a million bees were stinging her, and her middle was tight and twisty feeling. When she imagined what they must look like, with her over his lap, her undergarments showing, it was a salacious picture. A sinful picture. Her belly did an extra twist as her eyes flooded. She'd never be kissed by Abel Armstrong. Her life was ruined.

Author Q&A:    

If you time traveled back to 1872 which modern convenience or invention would you missed most? TP, A/C, birth control, automobile, cell phone (or any phone for that matter- it wasn't invented yet). Rank and tell us why...

Of those choices, I'd miss TP the most, simply because it's used more often than the other choices, so I would be frequently reminded of what I was missing. And, besides, pages from the Sears & Roebuck catalogue must have been inky.

The others, I'd rank as follows:

                2. A/C, because with the clothing styles of the time, it would be stifling hot in the summertime and the smell of so many hot and sweaty people must have been overwhelming.

                3. Phone, because I like to be able to know when there's an emergency I have to deal with, and how my daughters and husband are faring through their days. Although, I don't particularly like the fact that everyone is available 24/7 now. It puts a lot of pressure on people to be "on call."

                4. Automobile, because I don't think I would like to ride in a buggy or wagon all the time. Those wagon springs were not great, and the ride must have been very bumpy and hard on the behind.

                5. Birth control. I like children and would probably have opted for a large family, had the situation been right for me.

The Sons of Johnny Hastings

Five illegitimate sons of a profligate gambler; these half-brothers learn of their father's death, some learning for the first time that their brothers exist.  These rugged, handsome men, despite their unfortunate beginnings, grow to become strong, upstanding men (for the most part) in their own right, no thanks to their father. Still, from across the country they embark on a journey. Along with their sassy and sometimes mischievous brides, they travel to Denver for the reading of the will. For most, the will is the least of their concerns.  Instead, they have a burning curiosity to meet the other sons of Johnny Hastings.

Available for individual sale or as a boxed set which include five brand new stories by some of your favorite authors: Patty Devlin, Patricia Green, Renee Rose, Maddie Taylor (yours truly), and Mary Wehr.
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