Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Get to Know Author Jaye Peaches on Wicked Wanton Wednesday

I'm baaaaack!  Who knew going from A-Z in a blog challenge would be so grueling?  Fun, but grueling. 

Happily, I return with my Wednesday feature with first time guest, Jaye Peaches, who has a new release - Judged by Him.  A wonderfully erotic BDSM tale

Judged by Him
by Jaye Peaches
The Blurb:

Gemma and Jason Lucas lead a life less ordinary, where kink and wealth combine to bring exotic opportunities.

Gemma - a millionaire's wife and a Dominant's submissive. One public persona, the other very private. Her personal journey takes her to many places physically, mentally, and most definitely kinky. She must continually put her faith in her husband and cast aside her turbulent past.

Her future is an uncharted map of erotic pleasure.

Settled into married life, Jason has almost all that he desires.  Constantly striving to seek out new erotic adventures, his passion is to have his wife become his submissive all day, every day.

Whatever Jason’s rules and judgements might bring to their relationship, he will always cherish her.

Three weeks cruising the Mediterranean Sea in a luxury yacht with her husband takes submissive Gemma into an opulent world she never could have envisioned before she met Jason Lucas.

A voyage to locations across Southern Europe and opens up new arenas of kinky sex for Gemma as her Dominant lover continues to educate her sexual being.

Unknown to the couple, several members of the crew are not who they appear to be. Both Gemma and Jason Lucas’s lives will be turned upside down by their disclosures and Gemma’s submission to her Dominant will be tested.

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One order of steamy excerpt –

The orgasm would have to consume every morsel of her body, drive out any negative energy, replace edginess and tautness with unscrupulous lust. Enticing Gemma further, Jason nibbled on her stiff nipples until she winced. His light chuckle reminded her he was partial to witnessing her pleasurable pain. Avoiding her gaze, he continued to lick and suck hard on her nipples until her breasts grew tender and swollen. Then, once again, he thrust deep inside her, and she let out a cry of tremendous delight.

“Shhh, baby.”

They might be on the top deck, but excessive noise would carry to the lower ones. Some lustful cries he would tolerate carrying to the envious crew below, but he’d told her on the plane he intended to gag her for the rougher play. The discussions about protocols had made her aroused with excitement.

Rough sex didn’t put Gemma off. About his pounding cock, she grew wet with natural lubrication that couldn’t be contained long. She came with a rhythmic spasm, bursting outwards into every element of her sexual being, and she adored the sensation. The liberty of coming unhindered overwhelmed her. Jason didn’t relent, and her deprived sex became overloaded. She wanted to come multiple times, as she knew she could, given the right circumstances. He ground his hips into her, deeper and faster, drawing her knees up and pushing them onto her shoulders.

The breeze blew across them, rippling waves of tiny shivers across her flesh. She relished him inside her, there on the luxurious yacht in the middle of the sea, used for his pleasure, uninhibited by bindings or teasing hands. Vanilla sex in the open air was just as good as bound sex in a dungeon. So when she opened her eyes and saw Enrique standing under the mast arch, she tensed, freezing all her muscles.

What is he doing watching us?

Maddie's Intimate Authors Corner

MT:  Jaye's in the hot seat today.  Actually, she took the time to answer my questions about how she got started as an author.  Inquiring minds, as they say.  So let's dig right in...   Jaye, what inspired you to take the plunged and write/publish that first book?

JP:  I’d already written loads of erotic BDSM romances but never dreamed of publishing any of it. Then I started a blog about my personal life under another pen name. I included amongst the real-life stuff some short stories, especially about spanking or D/s fantasies. I suppose it gave me the confidence to move into the public space with my own books.

MT:  How much of your books are, based on your own personal experiences?

JP:  I don’t make a direct link between my real-life and my author persona, but, yes, some of the things I write about are relevant to me, although I should say I’m not married to a millionaire, so please buy my books J

MT:  Millionaire fantasies are very common.  How dreams about living from paycheck to paychecks and deciding who takes out the trash or cleans the toilets?  Not what fantasy is made of, no way.  LOL   
Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp? 

JP:  That it is very easy to misjudged people or situations and even harder to admit you’re wrong and that romance isn’t just about falling in love, it’s also about staying in love.

MT: What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

JP:  Publishing can be a rough ride, so never lose sight of the fun part – writing, keep writing.

 MT:  What are you reading right now?   

JP:  Three books – Beneath This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas (my bedtime book), The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt and Bill Bryson’s 1927 

MT:  Multi-tasker!  I can write three at a time, but can't read that way.  My mind doesn't work that way.   So, I can guess, but do you have a favorite genre to read?

JP:  Do I have to pick just one!  Obviously a little bit of erotica… Crime too, especially the classic detective whodunit and historical fiction.  I used to read a lot more Science Fiction and fantasy… however, so many books, so little time.

MT:  Present company excluded <wink> who is your favorite author/why?

JP:  I have many, here’s one big fav… Dorothy Dunnett – and her Lymond series. A great alpha male hero, set amongst real-life history and a complex story of betrayals and romance. If you’re a history fan, try it out.

MT:  What is the trait or characteristic you find most appealing in a partner? 

JP:  Sense of Humor. You have to laugh at life, or else it would trample you down, best to laugh with somebody.

MT:  I agree, totally.  Laughing in the bedroom, or the dungeon are totally acceptable and should be encouraged, the latter within reason, of course. 

Last question... biggest guilty pleasure, for which you are willing to risk it all for

JP:  Cocoa with sugar. Yeah, I know, but if I don’t write the actually word I can convince myself I’m being good.
MT:  I'll do it for you Jaye  -  CHOCOLATE -  Mmmm!   Thanks so much for spending some time with me.  It was fun!
Come back next week when I will have another first time guest, Rollin Hand.  See you then!