Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wicked Wanton Wednesday Welcomes The Hourglass with Maggie Carpenter

Maggie Carpenter dropped by today and brought along her sexy release, The Hourglass.  

A romantic tale with a little bit of mysticism, plenty of spanking, salacious sex, and the deliciously satisfying outcome of an elusive love.

Note to readers, the word for the day is sybaritic.  Sybaris was an Ancient Greek city in south Italy where the citizens were devoted to seeking pleasure and sensuous pursuits.  Keep this in mind for later, there will NOT be a test.  I had to look it up!  LOL

The Hourglass by Maggie Carpenter

As he sat down and pulled her forward Beth felt the familiar shiver of anticipation; in a flash her dress was up and her panties were down.  From day one he’d not wasted any time on niceties or formality, baring her bottom immediately upon landing across his lap.

For many years Beth Parker has been in crush with an acquaintance.  His name is Michael Bellamy, and carrying the torch has not been easy; every time she attempts to capture his attention he’s with another woman. She has no way of knowing that the feelings are mutual, and Michael is suffering the same, seemingly endless frustration.

Through a series of coincidences Beth finally finds herself in his arms, and he more than lives up to her fantasies and dreams; a loving dominant who doesn’t hesitate to put her over his knee, a skillful lover who leads her into the dark erotic arts, and a strong, sweet man who makes her laugh out loud with his wit and humor.

But they both find themselves wondering, is their joyful union the hand of fate, or the mysticism surrounding an ancient hourglass?

Beth learns that patience does pay off, but it is just one lesson in her journey with the man of her dreams, and steeped in romance, The Hourglass will touch your heart and stir your sensual sense.

Excerpt:  Warning: steamy and panty melting sexy scene follows, don't you dare turn back now!

            Keeping his thumb on the flange and one hand clutched at her hip he fucked her slowly, thrusting his cock with powerful, deliberate strokes.  Her gasps guided his pace, the sight of her bottom sensuously framed by the red silk heightening the erotic pleasure; the flickering fire, the spicy aroma of the cinnamon candles, and the cool air, all united to provide an ethereal backdrop to the salacious encounter.

            “Sir?” she mewled.

            “Yes, sweet girl?” he asked softly, pausing with his cock buried deep inside her.

            “I, uh, I...”

            “Are you all right?” he frowned.

            “Oh, I’m sooo all right,” she moaned.

            “What is it?”

            “Please will you fuck me back there?”

            For a moment he wasn’t sure he’d heard her correctly, but when she wiggled her bottom at him he felt a fresh surge of heat through his loins, and leaning over her body he brought his mouth to her ear.

            “You want me to fuck you in the ass,” he growled.

            “Yes,” she panted, “oh, God, saying that makes me so fucking hot,” she muttered.

            Her ardent exclamation sent the blood racing to his cock, and rising quickly he pulled himself from her cunt and carefully withdrew the dildo.  Grabbing the lube he applied copious amounts, but he needn’t have worried; as he gently pushed between her cheeks she thrust backwards, joyfully embracing him.

            Shocked at her uninhibited ribald passion he gripped her full, plump flesh as he fucked, luxuriating in her utter surrender, but his cock, overjoyed at the unexpected hot tightness was ready to erupt, forcing him to slow.

            “My pussy,” she wailed, “I’m so close, please may I play with my pussy.”

            Lifting his hand he deftly unsnapped her shackles, and with a cry of relieved gratitude she dropped her fingers between her legs.

            His thrusts began anew, and staring down at the sybaritic sight he allowed his climax free reign to build.

            “Aaaarggh, I’m there,” she suddenly howled, and before he could speak or groan or react she was exploding underneath him.  

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Maddie's Intimate Authors Corner
Maggie graciously agreed to be raked over the coals in my interview section today.  Are we surprised at all?  LOL  Of course, her answers are intriguing, honest and entertaining.  Here we go.
MT:  What inspired you to take the plunge and write/publish that first book?
MC: Sigh...I was involved with a Dominant, a British gentleman, who both inspired and motivated me to write Elizabeth’s Education. (Very, very saucy book that one). My relationship with him was my first real foray into the world of D/s. Exciting times!  I would fly across the pond to see him, or meet him in New York, sometimes Boston.  It was a crazy, wild relationship, and writing the book helped alleviate the long-distance suffering.
MT:  Oh, that sounds like a wonderful tale for a book  <hint, hint>  Or, are you Elizabeth???  Inquiring minds and all...  So, how much of your books are, based on your own personal experiences?

MC: Quite a bit, but which parts have been real and which are fantasy - I’ll never reveal. :)

MT: How same/different are you from your main character.

MC:  Oh wow, now that really is telling, because truth be told, his book is loosely based on my own, personal experience, so...!!!

MT:  Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp? 

MC:  I think all my work is steeped in the romance of D/s, and the belief that it can and does exist.  if there is a message, it’s not to give up.  I still believe that The Great Love exists for each of us, and if it is not a part of our lives presently we must keep the faith.

MT:  True, how sad it is when someone gives up on love.  I'm lucky to have found my Great Love already.  I think I'll hang on to him.  Wow, it got really sappy in here quick.  <deep breath and drying my eyes>  Okay, back to business, what advice would you give to aspiring writers?

MC:  Write what you know and how you feel.

MT:  What are you reading right now?  

MC: Confession -  I can’t read when I’m writing, and I’m writing 24/7.

MT:  Sad, but true. Writing, promoting, editing and blogging take up so much time, reading for pleasure becomes an illusive fantasy at times.  So, Maggie, although I'm sure I know, what is your favorite genre to read?


MT:  Cheeky girl!  Do you talk to your dominant that way?  LOL  Maybe this next one won't be as obvious.  Who is you favorite author/why?

MC:  Anonymous.  The wonderful novels that came out of the Victorian era.  I used to read them over and over again.  I think they’re just marvelous.  Frank and I, The Birch and The Boudoir, A Man With a Maid, and I’m sorry to say I can’t recall the many other titles that I found so captivating. 

MT:  Favorite movie/why?

MC:  The Thomas Crown Affair with Steve McQueen and Faye
Dunaway.  Absolutely LOVED it, and still do.  The style, the twinkle in Thomas Crown’s eyes, the greatest screen kiss ever, and one short snippet when he’s walking through the woods with her and he’s carrying a stick.  The inference is there, whether deliberate or not, and my fertile imagination saw that and ran with it.

MT:  Sounds like a great idea for a blog post, greatest screen kisses ever.   Now we're getting to know you; likes kisses, men who walk soft and carry a big switch--oops, I mean stick.  LOL  Tell us more...  What is the trait or characteristic you find most appealing a partner?

MC:  Crossed arms, wry grin, one wicked eyebrow raised in...warning. The ability to send a silent message more clearly than words.

MT:  Mmmm, what's not to like?  Does your partner. (past or present) read your work?  Either way, why or why not?

MC:  The Dominant for whom I wrote, Elizabeth’s Education certainly did.  He was my critic, my support, my inspiration.  Other than that I have no idea about my ex’s, though a couple of them do know about my work.

MT:  Do your friends/family know you write erotic fiction?

MC:  A very small, select group.

MT:  Favorite kink

MC:  Impossible.  I’ve attempted to select a favorite but it’s impossible. 

MT:  I hear you!  Biggest guilty pleasure, for which you are willing to risk it all for.

MC:  Sharing my life with a Romantic Dominant.

MT:  And we'll leave it on that high note with a sigh...  Thanks for joining me today, Maggie.  Please come back anytime you have another wickedly steamy and salacious story to share.
Come back next week when my guest will be my co-author for Pleasure Bay, Melody Parks.