Wednesday, July 23, 2014

WIP it up Wednesday, my 1st post!


I had to WIP on over and see what this new blog hop was all about.  For my debut post, I WhIPped up a little BDSM fun. 

In this excerpt, Cap and Megan (Captain My Captain, book 1) make an appearance in Club Decadence Book 5, as yet untitled.  After the birth of the twins, this is Meg's first trip back to The Club to play.  Cap has a very special surprise in store for her and its mm, mm, good!

“I should spank your cute behind for the offense, but your remorse is quite genuine and I’m feeling generous on your first evening back—so you, my sweet sub, get a pass.”  He pressed a gentle kiss to her lips.  “Look at me, Megan.”

She opened her tear filled eyes and was greeted with a warm smile from her husband.  “I just feel awful, Tony.  I’m so sorry.  I think you should spank me anyway.”

Shaking his head, he smiled softly as he moved his lips over her wet cheeks.  “Tonight is about fun and getting you back into club play.  If you are a good girl and put this behind you, I promise to use the lightweight flogger on you later, yeah?”

Megan imagined the thud of the flogger against her heated skin.  It had been months since she had experienced it and she had begun to crave it fiercely.  “Yes, please, Captain.”

“That’s my girl, now kiss me.”  Tony captured her lips and she responded with enthusiasm.  He thanked heaven for sending him this woman.  She matched him perfectly in kink and libido, always eager to please.  He loved everything about her.  Even their hard limits were in accord which meant he had no plans to share her, ever.   When he reluctantly released her lips, she whimpered in disappointment.

“There’ll be much more of that my Angel, but first let me get ready for our scene.  Kneel here while I get everything prepared.”

“Yes, Captain.  I love you.”

“I love you too," giving her a pinch on her panty-covered ass, "but stop distracting me.  I only have the room for four hours and have a lot planned.”

Megan smiled but that smile dimmed when she actually looked at the odd bench he planned to use.  It had a flat top about eight inches wide and two kneeling benches on either side of the a-frame bench.  Megan thought it looked like a narrow picnic table but was covered with thickly padded leather on all its surfaces.  At about six feet in length she imagined it was meant for more than one person at a time.  Tony was busy at a cupboard behind her so she had time for a good look at the unusual piece of equipment.  The really odd thing was the wide rectangular slot in the middle of the top board and the two metal rods sticking up from the center. 

Turning as Tony approached, his hands full of an assortment of objects, Meg threw him a wary look when she saw exactly what he held in his hands. 

“Strip and mount up, Angel.”

So, how'd I do?  Want more of the Club Decadence Doms?  Let me hear from you below. 

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