Saturday, July 19, 2014

Get a Taste of the Flogger on SatSpanks

We return to Club Decadence this week as Lexie becomes acquainted with Jonas' favorite deerskin flogger.  Being bad has never felt sooooo good! 

Unbind My Heart, Club Decadence Book 4

Unlucky in love and gun-shy after the epic failure that was her marriage, Lexie Berry is looking for nothing more than a girl’s night out as she joins her friends for drinks and good music at Club Decadence.  She didn’t plan on sexy Master Jonas capturing her eye and sparking more than her interest.  He’s a Dom though, and she hasn’t had sex in six years, not since her ex-husband violently attacked her in a drunken rage.  But Jonas is tall, ripped and handsome.  He’s also an expert at rope bondage, her guilty fantasy that she’s kept secret for years.  In fact, he teaches classes in Shibari at his new MMA studio and asks her to be his model.  Can Lexie move beyond her traumatic past and be brave enough to explore with Jonas?  Can he be the one to earn her trust and help her break free from the bonds of her constricted and wounded heart? 

My eight lines today comes from Lexie's first visit to Club Decadence's playroom with Jonas'.  She says something untoward about another member that is overheard by two Doms. The offense cannot go unpunished so Master Jonas introduces her to his favorite flogger.  


The flogger stopped and he stepped closer, his hand stroking over her skin. “Shh, I know you’re sorry and you’re taking your punishment so well. Think about what you did and remember this feeling so that it’s not repeated. Can you do that for me?”

“Yes, Master.”
“Are you ready to continue?”
“It stings.”
“Such is a punishment, or else it wouldn’t be effective, would it?” Crouching in front of her, he brushed his lips across her brow.

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There is so much more Saturday Spankings to enjoy, so get blog hopping!  I'll see you next week with a snippet from my new release with Melody Parks, Pleasure Bay.  You won't want to miss it!

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