Wednesday, July 30, 2014

WIP it good!

Our WIP it Wednesday Hostess, Melody Parks and I got together for a hot and steamy erotic novel.  Want a little taste of
Pleasure Bay?
How about two?  Because I bet our WIP Mistress, Melody Parks is offering up a serving too.

Dimitri De Luca is in the business of meeting needs—the kind of needs that people blush to discuss—and at Pleasure Bay, the BDSM-themed resort he owns on a private Caribbean island, business is good. With the help of his guest relations expert, Mariah Charmant, the pricey oasis promises an experience like no other. But Dimitri has something he needs as well… Mariah.

Mariah has been hurt before, and even as she makes one perfect match after another for others, she wonders if she can trust herself with her own heart. Despite the darkness of her past, she longs for Dimitri to claim her and dominate her completely, but can she bring herself to call him her master?

Publisher’s Note: Pleasure Bay is an erotic novel that includes spankings, anal play, sexual scenes, extensive BDSM content, and more. It is meant for adults only.  If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

In today's excerpt, Sydney is struggling with her decision.  As she scrolls through the Pleasure Bay web site she is uncertain.  Should she go?  Did she dare? 

Her body was preoccupied with another part of her anatomy as something on the screen caught her eye. Leaning closer, she saw that she’d been wrong before. The woman was naked, but the man wore thin, light-colored swim trunks, and nothing more. The trunks were practically invisible as they molded to his hips and thighs, but that wasn’t the eye-catching part, not really. Tilting her head, her lips parted as her fingertips slid across the touchscreen, zooming in on the couple. At 150% magnification, Sydney saw that the man was the only one doing the embracing. His long whipcord arms revealed his strength as they wrapped around the woman’s lithe body.

Conversely, the woman was curvy and lush. She arched backward with her full breasts pressed against his broad chest. Her arms angled sharply behind her; with her head thrown back, the long wet swath of her hair hung down, reaching toward the water. The position exposed her throat, leaving it vulnerable to his lips, which were pressed in a wide open-mouthed kiss against her glistening wet skin. She touched him intimately with her body, but not her hands, because she couldn’t. Her wrists were caught, held together in one of his large hands as he pinned them to the small of her back.

Sydney’s entire body tensed with arousal as her pussy clenched and flooded with desire. That—right there—was exactly what she wanted. A strong man, prepared to take control, to take what he wanted, how and when he wanted, leaving her no choice in the matter. That was more than a fantasy; it was a burning need deep inside her.
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