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Natasha Knight and Taming Naia on Tantalizing Tuesday

Things got a bit busy on Wicked Wanton Wednesday, so I invited Natasha to join me for a Tantalizing Tuesday and I'm so glad she did.  But now, I'll have to hop over to the Big A and one click to find how this tantalizing scene ends.  Just wait, you'll be doing the same thing.
That Natasha, she's such a tease.
Addressing her Punishment:
an Excerpt from Taming Naia
Hi Maddie, thanks for having me here today. For anyone who doesn't know, Maddie is over at my blog with an excerpt from her latest release so make sure to head over there to check it out too.

Today I'd like to share a piece from Taming Naia which was released last week. This is the story of Liam Roark, elder brother to Luke and Jake if you remember them from Taming Emma and Taming Megan. Liam has brought Naia to his Miami home to give her a taste of what life with him would be like. The only relationships she's had so far have been vanilla and Liam is most definitely not that. Here you go…


“Now, let’s address that punishment you’re owed before we get some sleep. It’s late.” Her heart pounded hard and fast at his words.

Once inside the bedroom, he took her to the bed, laying her on her back as he climbed on top of her, kissing her. The feel of him so close, so heavy, was intoxicating. He was already hard and she wondered what he would do. Would he spank her again? Or just fuck her?

She opened her mouth easily, eagerly, her body softening, forming to his. He trailed his tongue down to her breast and took the very tip between his lips, sucking, drawing the nipple out until she moaned. He then moved to the next one and did the same, nibbling a little with his teeth. He sat up, unbuttoning the top of his shirt and opened the drawer beside the bed, removing a pair of nipple clamps with a thin, silver chain in between, much like the pair he’d sent Naia in his ‘goody box.’

“What are you doing?” she asked when she saw the contraption.

“Clamping your nipples. A part of your punishment.”

Her eyes grew wide and she struggled beneath him.

“I promise you’ll like them,” he said, clamping her right nipple.
She sucked in a sharp breath at the pain when the clamp closed tight.
“Eventually,” he added, grinning.

Without giving her a chance to panic, he clamped her left nipple. She gasped at the pressure, squeezing her eyes shut when the pain registered.

“Oh, no,” she said, reaching for the clamps.

“Hands off,” he said, taking her wrists. He held on to them as he watched her first struggle, then slowly surrender to the sensation, the pressure, the pain, the arousal. “Good girl, just give in,” he said as he pushed her knees up. Holding her hands behind her thighs in one of his, he reached back into the drawer. Her eyes, which were closed, flew open when he slid the leather cuff around first one, then the other wrist tightly together, binding her hands just behind her knees. He then stood and looked down at her.

“What are you doing?” she asked when he moved to draw the curtains closed. It was all happening so fast, she couldn’t keep up.

“Delivering your punishment,” he said, returning to her.

Arousal or aggression dilated his pupils and she panicked, trying to right herself. He kept his eyes on hers while he rolled his sleeves up and pushed his hair away from his face. Then, in one swift movement, he flipped her over so that she rested with her knees, shoulders and one side of her face on the bed. Her ass was high to the sky and she could wriggle around as much as she liked, she wouldn’t be changing position until he was good and ready to allow her to.

“We’ll start with your tardy arrival at the club tonight,” he said, placing one knee on the bed.


“That damned leather corset,” he added.

“What?” This wasn’t how she had imagined this evening.

“Your continued inability to address me correctly,” he said, shifting her slightly so he had better access to her lifted backside.

“You jerk!” She struggled to rise, but with his hand on her low back and the way he’d bound her, it was impossible. He didn’t even have to add much pressure.

“And your overall lack of respect. You don’t have to count. I’ll stop when I feel you’ve had enough.

* * *

Sorry to leave you right there but the intention is to tempt you… Thanks for reading and click here to pop over to my blog to check out Maddie's post.

Blurb: Naia knows that Liam Roark has every right to be angry with her for sabotaging his career ten years ago with the accusation that he spanked her. When she seeks him out to ask his forgiveness, though, he will only give it on one condition: she'll have to accept the bare-bottom spanking she once falsely claimed to have been given.

Although hesitant, Naia agrees, but after a painful and humiliating punishment which leaves her tearful and blushing, Liam sends her on her way. Despite her protests he is determined not to see her again… for his sake and for hers. He knows full well how strongly he yearns to dominate and have his way with her, and he fears she is far from ready to see that side of him. But Liam isn't the only one who has to come to terms with the past, and when Naia persists, he finds himself unable to resist the twenty-eight year old beauty any longer.

Deciding to give her a taste of the life he lives, Liam brings her with him to his vacation home in Miami. He will demand her absolute obedience, thoroughly punish any defiance, and take her in any way he pleases, leaving her begging on her knees for more. But will the passion they ignite continue to burn hot once they return home?

Publisher’s Note: Taming Naia is a stand-alone prequel to Taming Emma and Taming Megan. It is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, anal play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Also note that this book was published previously under the title Naia and the Professor.

Buy links:

Amazon US, Amazon UK, Blushing Books, AllRomanceEbooks, B&N
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