Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wicked Wanton Wednesday welcome Rollin Hand and Pendragon's Lash

Another new author to Wicked Wanton...  Always so much fun!
Today, Rollin Hand joins me with a sexy excerpt and a candid interview in the authors corner.  There is a lot to cover, so let's get started right in with the blurb for Pendragon's Lash... 
Over the course of seven hundred years of isolation since its colonization during the great diaspora at the end of the twenty-first century, civilization on the planet Pendragon has deteriorated to the point that society now resembles that of medieval Europe. The nations have long fought for power, and when the benevolent Star Federation learns of a threat to a royal marriage that could bring about a lasting peace between the kingdoms, four operatives are sent to ensure that the wedding takes place as planned.

Striving to blend in with the local population, the agents soon learn that this world is nothing like their home planets. Danger lurks at every turn, but there is something even more unusual… On Pendragon, it is a man’s right and duty to ensure that the women under his authority are well-behaved. As the mission progresses, each member of the team faces unique challenges.

Elana, a botanist reporting on medicinal plant life, resists her forced dependence on a native who thinks part of his job entails spanking her when she disobeys his orders, yet at the same time she finds herself drawn to this firm-handed barbarian.

Jessica, a bodyguard disguised as a maid of the bride-to-be, finds her hands full keeping the bratty princess safe. But when Jessica falls in love with a native prince, can she admit to him—and to herself—that she can’t wait to be taken over his knee?

Trevor becomes a tutor for the daughters of a noble, but his assistant Iris grabs his attention in a way no woman ever has before. When he must chastise her—for he must do as the locals do—he cannot help but enjoy it, but will Trevor truly go native?

Julia enters the Benefice Sisterhood with orders to spy on the Universal Church of Atonement. She soon finds it painfully clear, however, that life with the Sisterhood will mean harsh discipline. Can she stay strong and carry out her assignment?

Success is uncertain, but no matter what happens, this mission will change the history of Pendragon and the lives of these agents forever. 


An excerpt
“Now, is there someplace we can be alone?” Jessica moved closer to Alfred and her voice dropped to a throaty whisper.

Alfred appeared puzzled. “We are alone here,” he said.

“Someplace more comfortable,” said Jessica. “I want you,” she breathed, staring into his eyes.

Alfred took her into his arms. “Even after—” He didn’t finish the question as Jessica put a finger to his lips.

“Especially after. Now, no more questions.”

A nearby, empty supply caravan provided a comfortable enough berth for what Jessica had in mind. In a short time they were kneeling on furs facing each other. Jessica had undressed Alfred, her hands moving rapidly to loose buttons and ties. “You’ve seen me naked, but I have not yet had the privilege of seeing you,” she said, eyeing Alfred’s naked body. “I must say you do not disappoint.”

In the flickering light from nearby torches, her eyes travelled over the hard muscular body, the wide shoulders and flat abdomen—and to the fully erect penis below, which she stroked with her hand. “I felt this underneath me, becoming hard as you spanked me.” Alfred sucked a breath through clenched teeth. “If you want to know what that did to me, put your hand here.” She guided his hand to the cleft between her legs.

Her sex was slippery-wet with arousal. She had been on a slow burn all day, ever since the spanking had set her off. Then Bethany’s whipping—perversely, she thought—had inflamed her even more. She ran her hands up and down Alfred’s frame as he stroked her vaginal slit, his fingers finding the button that produced the waves of ecstatic pleasure she desired. She lowered her head and took his erect cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it. Alfred moaned and placed his hands on her head, gently caressing her as she sucked his hard, pulsing member.

Finally, he pulled her away. He took command and tumbled her backward. With his arms, he pulled her legs up until they looped over his shoulders. Slowly, he inserted his raging erection into her. Jessica threw her head back and moaned. He was inside her so deep. Then he began to thrust and withdraw, thrust and withdraw. She feared their fierce rocking might make noise, but she almost didn’t care as their bodies slammed together in a wild pursuit of climax.

Jessica suddenly decided she wanted it another way. She pulled back and rose and turned. On all fours, she offered her hindquarters to him, inviting Alfred to enter her from the rear. He slid in and from that angle, it was a feeling of pure ecstasy as he took her. She rocked on her knees and Alfred’s body smacked against the bottom cheeks he had so thoroughly reddened earlier. Something was happening, something was bubbling up from her core. Waves of pleasure washed over her, making her quiver. She let it overtake her, moaning and thrashing while the ultimate sensation cascaded over her, obliterating awareness of all else.

Alfred escorted her back to the pavilion of the ladies in the wee hours. Surely tongues would wag, but she didn’t care. As for Alfred, it was probably viewed as his prerogative. He was an unmarried man. So what if he had a dalliance with a handmaid to the princess? Little did they know that she was so much more, but for tonight she was not warrior angel from the stars. Tonight she was merely a woman of Pendragon, the obedient wench of a barbarian warlord who had punished her and then had his way with her. That night, she dreamt of a hard man with a soft touch and did not awake until well after first light.


Maddie's Intimate Authors Corner:
In the Authors Corner with Rollin Hand.  So many would-be and new writers ask about how to get started, I like to pass on other author’s experiences.  So Rollin, help us out here…  What inspired you to take the plunge and write/publish that first book?

RH:  I was already a fairly well known writer of spanking fiction at a free site called The Library of Spanking Fiction. One day I got a call from a client asking me about license rights on something called KDP which turned out to be the Kindle publishing platform. Since I had written over 200 stories by then (Fall 2012), I decided to try it. It has turned from a hobby into a part time business. Now 33 books later, I’m not slowing down, I’m just getting cranked up.

MT:  33!  Wow!  I’m a newbie comparatively speaking.  How much of your books are, based on your own personal experiences?

RH:  Very few. Although I do take incidents from my past and embellish them. It’s what I wish would have happened. There are a few, however, that are very close to some real life experiences or are bits and pieces of r/l incidents.

MT:  How same/different are you from your main character.

RH:  My male principal characters are how I imagine I would be in the same circumstances. They are idealized versions of self. They love and respect their women, are never abusive and discipline only when necessary. In real life I try to be the same way. But, sad to say, I’m not that super spy from Mission Impossible.

MT:  Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp? 

RH:  No big message in my fiction. But the spanking aspect is usually elevated to something that is loving and positive, a sexy consensual act, once it’s all said and done.

MT:  What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

RH:  Read a lot. I emulate writers I admire. Analyzing how they do things can be very instructive. So when you see a great paragraph or turn of phrase, stop and think for a minute, “just how did he do that?” Also, when I run across bad writing I note it with a memo to self – “don’t do that.”

MT:  Okay, now that we got the serious professional questions out of the way, how about some fun stuff.  Ready?  What are you reading right now? 

RH:  “Those Who Wish Me Dead” by Michael Koryta. A favorite new author I discovered.

MT:  Favorite genre to read

TH:   Same ones I write in (but with lots less spanking and sex) : Mystery/Thriller, Horror/Sci-fi,  Spy, Historical drama.

MT:  Favorite author/why?

TH:  Wow. There are so many. Steinbeck, Faulkner, Hemmingway, Poe, Heinlein, Assimov,  JD Salinger. Nowadays it’s Stephen King, Lee Child, Dennis LeHayne, Stephen Hunter, Preston/Childs, Robert Crais, James Lee Burke, Larry McMurtry. But my favorite of all was the late great John D. MacDonald. His characters were gritty and real, his plots were great and he laced his books with his own philosophical musings on the direction of society. He hated the urbanization of Florida, for example, which he viewed as this pristine Eden being overrun by greedy developers with no moral code. He thought society was losing its moral center and so you see in his hero, Travis McGee, a guy struggling against the tide of societal decay, trying to right a few wrongs.

MT:  Favorite movie/why?

RH:  Lot of those too, but I keep coming back to The Godfather, a dark morality tale superbly done. It’s Michael’s choice, embracing what he knows to be evil out of loyalty to the family and forsaking love. I also have great affection for some old westerns like The Magnificent Seven, Shane, The Professionals. And of course, I love Aliens and Dune.

MT:  What is the trait or characteristic you find most appealing a partner? 

RH:  Honesty and loyalty.

MT:  Does your partner. (past or present) read your work?  Either way, why or why not?

RH:  No, she doesn’t. There is some back story there that is private. Someday I think she will.

MT: Do you write under a pen name?   

RH:  Rollin Hand is a pen name. I don’t want my real name known. It would embarrass my family and could cause professional complications.

MT:  So true.  Some of the things I write would curl people’s hair if they knew it came from lil ole me.  Along those lines, do your friends/family know you write erotic fiction?

RH:  Only my wife. I have told a few people I write “steamy romance” but oddly enough the conversation usually stops right there. Maybe even that is too much information.

MT:  I think I know the answer to the next question, but just for clarification purposes, what is your favorite kink?

RH:  Spanking, of course. It’s my thing. Has been since childhood. I can’t explain it. I also like brussel sprouts, roller coasters and golf and I can’t explain those either. Especially golf.

MT:  LOL!  I hate golf and brussel sprouts, but we have one thing in common. J  Finally, what is your biggest guilty pleasure, for which you are willing to risk it all for.

RH:  I think I’ve walked that path already, and have learned that there is no guilty pleasure that is that valuable. But I will risk a spanking for that extra shot of Gentleman Jack.
Thanks so much for stopping by today Rollin, please come back when you have another 'steamy romance' to share.  :)