Friday, July 12, 2013

Languishing in the Amazon Dungeon

Erotic authors, has this happened to you?  Your book hits Amazon and you are thrilled with your initial success.  You check your rankings every day and look for reader comments, likes and reviews.  Then, suddenly, nothing! What happened?  Your ranking falls from 3000 (Top 100 in erotica) to 80,000 in about 2 weeks.  The reviews are 4's and 5's.  WTF?

Dollars to donuts if this happens to you, your book has been imprisoned in the Amazon dungeon.  With Amazon's new ADULT tags, this can happen easily to you without your ever knowing.  I was alerted by my publisher who was watching my ratings tank, too.  You "selfies" might not have someone in your corner.  So, here I am, dear Auntie Maddie to help.

How do I tell if my book's in the dungeon you might ask.  Go to  Type in the books info in the search bars.  If your title is listed with a big, bold red ADULT after it, then you my friend have been imprisoned and your book is being held captive, caged, trapped, bound and restrained by the Amazon dungeon master.  While that might sound like a yummy D/s scene from one of my novels, it is not good for any author and is in fact tantamount to the kiss of death.

There are a couple of good articles out there about the topic....

From Bethany Burke's blog @

and Selena Kitts "pornocalypse"  @

Take a look at what landed my naughty behind in the Amazon dungeon...

Do you see it?  Look closer.  OMG the woman's fingers are in the hot guys pants.  That must mean....  No it can't be...  Say it isn't so...  Surely they're not going to have <sex>. !?!  

All kidding aside, unless the really hot guy is less than proportionate, she isn't going to be able to feel anything but some rock hard muscle.  Tut Tut... shame on you...I meant rock hard abdominal muscle.  If she feels anything else it is with just a fingertip and what good is that?  Regardless, it landed my butt in Publishing Purgatory aka the Amazon Dungeon.  It was ADULT tagged and I went into virtual obscurity blocked from recommendations, links on the other customer's bought section, and blocked from the search bar unless the exact title and author was typed in.  There is no auto fill or anything.  All due to those naughty fingers on my sweet little erotic couple who are just being romantic.  After all in the book they are consenting adults and a MARRIED couple.  UGH!  Amazon prudes.

Check out my new cover that got the tag removed.  

At least the situation is corrected and I got to keep my cover.  I love the couple, they are HOT!

Maybe I'll get over my bitterness toward Amazon when Book 3 in the series is released.  But only if they don't slap Little Light of Mine in the dungeon where the sun don't shine.  LOL

Experienced the dungeon?  I'd love to hear how you escaped.

Happy reading,  Love Maddie

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