Saturday, July 27, 2013

Content is intended for mature audiences.  18+ only please.


Welcome me to Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday.  The following excerpt is from my new erotic romance "Faithfully" which will be coming out next week as a Kindle Select.  Watch my blog for a release date.  It will be offered free for 5 days during the next 90 and I'll post those dates as well.  

I am a new author and my books are devoted to lovers of romance.  I write about guilty pleasures and combine many of my favorite things... sassy leading ladies, humor, mild BDSM and sexy dominant males who are even better when they're military men.  And did I mention spankings?

So... If your looking for political satire or an epic like War and Peace, this probably won't be for you.  

But if you love a good romance between two committed people in a loving marriage.  And like a little sizzle and kink,  then read on... 

He was gorgeous and she loved him desperately, but dammit this was her wedding day.

“Joanna, stop acting like a brat.  I know you feel disappointed, but-”

“You don’t know Jack Squat about what I’m feeling, Peter Davis.   This was supposed to be the happiest day of my life but here I stand; no gown, no music, no cake... nothing.  And tomorrow you’ll be shipping out to God knows where and I’ll have no husband.  So excuse the hell out of me if I’m acting like a brat.  I think I have a right to. 

Oh my!  I guess we all know what happens to brats...

Faithfully is a prequel to Club Decadence.  The first two in the 6 book series are available through Blushing Books Publishing and on Amazon now.  

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