Monday, July 22, 2013

This is a work of adult fiction and intended for adults 18+ only.  Thank you.

Please welcome me to my first Saturday Spanking. 
Since this is my first time, <blush> I hope you will welcome me warmly and with an open hand... I mean mind.  Enjoy!
Welcome to Club Decadence where the Doms are hot and the spankings are hotter. 
In Book 2 of my series, I combine so many of my favorite things... sassy leading ladies, humor, mild BDSM and sexy dominant males who are even better when they're military men.  And did I mention spankings?
I also love a good romance between two committed people in a loving marriage.  Add a little domestic discipline and you've got me hooked. 
You Said Forever, Book 2 in the series continues where Captain, My Captain leaves off.  Join me in Decadence.

He patted his thighs indicating he wanted her over his lap.  Regan gracefully dropped to all fours and crawled across the floor stopping at his feet.  She knew exactly how to fuel the Dom inside him. 

Moving between his legs, she rubbed against him as she rose and climbed onto his lap.  Head bowed dutifully, she cuddled up to him, brushing her naked breasts against his muscular chest as she leaned into him.  Her lips twitched in a hint of a smile as her thigh brushed against his hard cock.

“Naughty girl,’ he chastised her gently. “Teasing your husband when he’s planning a serious discussion will get your ass spanked for sure.”

Post on my blog if you want to read more and I'll return next week for another Saturday Spanking.    

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I enjoyed my spanking today and thank Constance Masters for inviting me over.  Nothing like a good OTK to start your day.  <wink>
And you my naughty friends, if you enjoyed your spanking today, join my fellow participants at  for more much needed discipline.