Friday, May 30, 2014

SatSpanks# Western Style

SatSpanks# goes west with
The Juniper Bride
Release date: June 7


Emmalee Gray watches in frustration as her fiancé, Clinton Ryan, boards a train heading west. Told to stay behind and prepare for their wedding as Clint embarks on a mysterious errand, Em has other ideas. She doesn’t want to remain home without him, especially with her witch of a stepmother and a father who barely knows she exists. She’d much rather risk Clint’s wrath and follow him, planning to stay hidden until she gets so far away from Boston he wouldn’t dare send her back alone. Then she can enjoy some private time and maybe a little adventure with her gorgeous fiancé, in advance of their nuptials.

Unfortunately, Emmalee is a magnet for trouble and finds herself in one scrape after another. To keep her safe, Clint lays down the law: obey his orders or suffer the consequences over his knee.

Can they make it to their destination in one piece? When they do, and Clint’s past is revealed, how will Emmalee react, and will she ever find out why people keep calling her a "juniper bride?" With danger and intrigue swirling around them at every turn, can their passionate love survive?

“This argument is tedious, Emmalee, and I intend to end it now.” 

Without hesitation, he’d turned her over his knee, and to her horror, spanked her bottom right there in the front parlor. It hadn’t hurt; she’d been wearing layers of skirts, petticoats and a bustle at the time. Even then, she had smirked at how much it had frustrated him as she listened to his grumbling about cages and women’s frippery. It served him right. 

The ignominy of the situation was what had truly bothered Emmalee. Taking place right after dinner, her father and stepmother were at home, not to mention their housekeeper who had yet to leave for the day. They had to have heard every smack, not to mention her squealing response.


The Juniper Bride; part of The Sons of Johnny Hastings.

de40fad287baa28d6387219d51437aa5.jpg (600×400)Five illegitimate sons of a profligate gambler; these half-brothers learn of their father's death, some learning for the first time that their brothers exist.  These rugged, handsome men, despite their unfortunate beginnings, grow to become strong, upstanding men (for the most part) in their own right, no thanks to their father. Still, from across the country they embark on a journey. Along with their sassy and sometimes mischievous brides, they travel to Denver for the reading of the will. For most, the will is the least of their concerns.  Instead, they have a burning curiosity to meet the other sons of Johnny Hastings.

Available for individual sale or as a boxed set which include five brand new stories by some of your favorite authors: Patty Devlin, Patricia Green, Renee Rose, Maddie Taylor (yours truly), and Mary Wehr.

For more brand spanking new excerpts from this awesome boxed set, hop over to the other author's posts.


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