Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Master My Love on the Dungeon Crawl

Ready for another crawl through Master Eric's dungeon?  Mm, mm...  I am.  Let's return to Decadence LA in Master My Love, shall we? 

In this excerpt, novice submissive Valerie experiences her first punishment spanking at the hands of Master Eric.  He is attracted to the newbie and doesn't want to send her screaming from The Club, so he gives her a paddling, but makes it a very sensual experience.  Yum! 
"Ten with the paddle to start then, shall we?”  Without waiting for a reply, he applied the round paddle to her backside, delivering each solid stroke with a resounding thwack.  After the fourth, he stopped. 

“Eric?” she yelped in shock as he lowered her pant to the tops of her thighs. 

“Hush. I can’t see what I’m doing when you’re covered.  Nor can you get the full effect.” 
He tugged her bikini panties up between her cheeks, exposing her full rounded bottom.  She could feel the cool air brush her warm skin. 
“Now that is so much better.”

A brush of something soft skimmed slowly over her backside.  It felt heavenly, and she sighed with pleasure. 

“Do you like that, little one?”

“Oh yes, Master.  Is that… fur?”

“Yes, the contrasting sensations and textures can be a very sensual experience.” 
Alternating leather and fur, he applied the final six swats.  His hand soon followed,

caressing softly.  “Spanks are always given on bare bottoms, so that I can assess all your responses, the delicious color of your skin as it changes from creamy white… to pink… to rosy red.  I need to feel how the temperature changes from cool… to warm… to hot.” 

Val knew he could hear her labored breathing.  She wouldn’t be surprised if he could also hear the pounding of her heart as it rapidly surged the blood to her swelling breasts and peaked nipples.  The rush of heat as it flowed to her lower belly brought on a throbbing, aching response.  If he touched her there, he would know that her pussy was flooding with her natural juices.