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Katy Takes Control on Wicked Wanton Wednesday with Grant Antrews

It's another week of firsts for me on Wicked Wanton Wednesday.  I'm on a roll.  This week I welcome my first ever male guest author--so exciting.  After the promo of his newest release, Katy in Control, don't forget to checkout the authors corner where we get close up and personal insight into a very forthcoming Grant Antrews.  
The Blurb:
While investigating Philadelphia's underground sex industry, reporter Katy Nicholson discovers the world of S & M. When she tells her husband, David, a former pro football player turned businessman, that she wants to try exploring some of the things she has seen with him, David hesitantly agrees to meet the woman who has been the catalyst of Katy's recent enthusiasm.

Enter dominatrix Maria Devereaux—Mistress Mary to her friends—an elegant European university professor who begins to instruct Katy in the methods necessary to dominate and punish David. Together, Katy and David embark on a quest to rediscover one another and learn how to navigate their new roles as dominant and submissive. After Katy takes David to Mistress Mary's dungeon and he passes the grueling and painful tests administered there, Katy begins to thrive in her dominant role. She decides that David should wear feminine underclothes and be spanked often, among other things, and their adventures soon spice up every aspect of their marriage.

But when disaster befalls Maria and her husband, the couples' activities behind closed doors are suddenly made public, and it seems that David and Katy's careers might not survive the experience. With the threat of public outcry and serious repercussions for their professional lives, will they need to cut all ties to kink, S & M, and all of the pleasure they have discovered?

David and Katy alternate chapters, telling their individual stories and describing their innermost thoughts, doubts, feelings, and fears. The polished, professional lady journalist experiments with female dominance, under the tutelage of her friend, the elegant Dominatrix. Soon, the former pro football star slips down his panties and goes across Katy’s knees for a spanking… and they both learn poignant lessons! 

An excerpt from KATY IN CONTROL
Mistress Mary paused and touched David’s shoulder with her gloved fingers. “That was thirty-three, David. You’re nearly done. You’re resilience is astounding, my dear! I’m going to deliver the last three in quick succession. They will hurt you, of course, but then it will be over. I’m going to ask Mistress Katherine to apply your punishment strokes, and I’ll suggest she go back to the strap instead of the cane. Can you gather yourself and ask me to finish?”
He shivered. Fastened as he was, I couldn’t believe his body could move so much. But he spoke clearly, once again almost defying her. “Please finish it, Mistress Mary. I am trying!” The last sounded forced. He must be suffering terribly!
She was merciless. I thought she would lighten her attack, but no. Each of the last three was delivered viciously, the cane shrieking as it sliced through the air and smacked home like a pistol shot. David squirmed, struggling to regain his composure. She gave him no time as another cruel cut fell across his wounded bottom, and then a third. He groaned, clearly struggling. Mistress Mary looked to me, strutting slightly, smiling as she placed the cane in its rack. “How many penalty strokes has he earned, JoAnne?” Her voice boomed in the quiet chamber.
“Eight, Mistress.” JoAnne’s voice was a whisper.
“Eight, Mistress Katherine. With the leather strap, full across his bottom.”
I hesitated. I was so deep in my reverie, so close to climax, so fascinated at the sight of my husband’s mottled, wounded body that I didn’t think I could move.
“Katherine?” Mistress was eager to see me perform.
“I think he’s had enough, Mistress.” I did not want him injured.
“David, you have earned eight penalty strokes. Your lover wants to let you off. What do you want?”
“I want them, Mistress Mary. Please, Katy!” It was a whisper through clenched teeth. He needed to see it through.
“Twelve, Katherine. He was instructed to address you as Mistress. You must punish disobedience, girl. Especially this early in his training.” She brought the strap and held out the wooden handle.
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Maddie's Intimate Authors Corner
It is refreshing to have a man in my corner for a change.  Male authors are a minority in the Erotica/Spanking Fiction/BDSM genre and to find a one who writes from the submissive male perspective, even more rare.  So I am doubly excited to have Grant participating today. 
Hold on to your hats, Grant is very open and honest with his answers.  Let's begin...
MT:  Grant, How much of your books are based on your own personal experiences?   
GA:  Of course, that’s a tough question.   My books are fiction, but I take great care to make them plausible.   I try to create story lines and scenes that could happen, and to describe places and events realistically.   I have a great deal of experience as a sub, and have confronted a great many hard physical challenges.   My stories often allow me to describe the disciplines or punishments I have endured, and hopefully some of my writing has accurately described the reasons why, the thoughts and feelings during, and the physical and mental benefits derived.   Those are the aspects of my writing that readers seem to appreciate most.  
MT: How same or different are you from your main character(s)? 
GA:  Writing fiction always requires that we create attractive characters, especially the main characters.   Most of my main characters are rich, successful businessmen, good-looking, and bright, caring, sensitive men.  I’m not wealthy, and not particularly good-looking.   I’m very curious, very sensitive, more than a little daring.   I love women, and admire them.   I guess you would say I’m very romantic, and I think that is reflected in my main characters.  
MT:  Is there a message in your books that you want the readers to grasp? 
GA: Yes, but I try to keep it subtle.   I try to say that it’s okay to be kinky.   So-called “normal” people can carry on their so-called normal lives and enjoy a seriously kinky relationship.   Kinky people fall in love, push each others’ boundaries, get married and have babies, and that’s a wonderful thing.   Let’s face it, we write fantasies, and to me that is the greatest fantasy: to share my kinks with a lover in an accepting, uninhibited manner!   Life doesn’t get any better than that!    I try to espouse kindness, and avoid violence.   However, violence is a fact of American life, and sometimes it’s necessary in order for me to contrast the terrible violence in our society with the “safe, sane, and consensual” nature of BDSM. 
MT:  What advice would you give to aspiring writers? 
GA:  Maddie, I have experienced outstanding success in both mainstream and BDSM erotic romance.   I am not particularly gifted, but I believe readers can sense that I write from my heart.   I tell my stories, and I fight hard when someone wants to change them.   I am not a college graduate, but I read a lot and admire good communication.   I would advise aspiring writers to create a good story, and then communicate it in a clear, entertaining manner.   We are, after all, creating entertainment in the form of books, and our products have to compete with all of the television, movies, computers, I-Pads and smart phones, sports, and all the other forms of entertainment we enjoy in today’s world.   I love to imagine that someone, somewhere might pass up a golf date because they are absorbed in one of my stories!
Here are some quick and fun stuff questions:
What are you reading right now? 
“A FIGHTING CHANCE” by Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.   And “SEDUCING THE DEMON: Writing For My Life” by Erica Jong. 
Favorite author(s).  Why?   
Oh, I could name so many.   In erotica, I am a great fan of Portia Da Costa.   She “gets” what BDSM is all about, and its worth, and her writing is just lovely.    I enjoy Tara Sue Me, and of course, the classic P.N. Dedeaux.    Tara Sue tells a good story, and her observations of the thinking, the motivations, and the experiences of BDSM are very realistic.   P.N. Dedeaux has written such wonderful, titillating scenes of harsh, hard punishments.   His book THE TUTOR is simply the most stimulating erotic tale I’ve ever found.    I like the sensual descriptions of Pauline Reage, but not the pedophilic scenes.  In mainstream books, I enjoy Hemingway, Tom Wolfe, Mark Twain, Bill Moyers, and Howard Zinn.   In every case, they are accessible.   I love Erica Jong’s spirit, but I resent having to keep a dictionary handy to look up Hebrew words!   I read a lot of non-fiction by various authors, and humor by Dave Barry.
MT:  Favorite Movie?  
GA:  THE GREAT RACE by Blake Edwards, with Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, and Natalie Wood.   It always makes me laugh.   And Natalie Wood in a pink corset, in a dungeon with her wrists manacled overhead!   Outrageous!   That movie features the greatest pie fight ever filmed.   It doesn’t get better than that. 
MT: An old movie buff, how fun. Here's a top 10 list for some others you might enjoy.  I like #3 in particular.
But I digress, let's get back to the interview.  So, Grant, tell me do your friends or family know you write erotic fiction? 
GA:  Oh, that’s a very touchy subject!   I have been writing erotica for more than twenty years, and yes, a very few close friends know.   My spouse knew, but prefers not to read my erotic books.   Recently, my children learned of my erotic writing, and they have had a very negative reaction.   Basically, I have been disowned, and cannot see my grandchildren.   It is all a work in process, but very hurtful, disappointing, and sad.  I have written under a pen name and have been very discreet all these years, but it counts for nothing.  
MT:  That is a very personal disclosure, Grant and I thank you for sharing.  It must be hard to be alienated from family because of personal choice.  It is understandable why so many authors in our genre write under a pen name, because they fear the same reaction from friends and family.  Often those that protest so vociferously are covering up their own proclivities.  A case of "me thinks they dost protest too much."  It makes me sad that being different is not embraced as much as uniformity. 
It makes me think about the explosion of the world of  BDSM fiction.  It is credited to FSoG's success, but I say it is more due to the prevalence of e-books where the prim and proper, who hide their kink and have for years, now have a discreet avenue to gobble it up voraciously.  It was too hard for them to go to the brick and mortar bookstore to buy books like FSoG or Katy in Control.  What if the neighbor saw or heavens forbid, Revered Jones?  
If I had a nickel for every time I saw a woman reading a book with a torn off cover <shaking my head sadly>.  Now they can get their kink on for erotica with a discreet e-reader without the risk of being mocked or ashamed for the choice.  They get to remain safely in the closet and protect their secret with a Kindle password. 
Your story hit a nerve, Grant.  I'm still shocked by the prevalence of ignorance and prudery when it comes to sexuality in the US.  It amazes me that people have no qualms about their kids watching murder and mayhem on TV and in the movies, but intimacy between consenting adults is still taboo.  <heavy sigh>  I hear Europe is much more progressive and doesn't have a stick stuck firmly where the sun don't shine.  I'm thinking of giving it a try. 
Okay, this was supposed to be the fun part of the interview.  Now tell me about your favorite kink.  I bet there is some fun to be found there.
GA:  I love a hard, hard spanking.   The strap, the paddle, and especially, the cane.   That is very rare of late, but on an everyday basis, I love to wear feminine underclothes beneath my regular male clothes.   I tend to be an alpha male by nature, an over-achiever and workaholic, a risk-taker, but I am also in touch with my feminine side.   I’ve been in panties for over half a century, and the last time I wore male underpants under any circumstances was well over twenty years ago!   I enjoy the feel of the delicate fabrics, and the great variety of styles and colors.   It is a wonderful, very sensual privilege, to get up in the morning and choose pretty lingerie to complement my visible male outerwear.    My lover accepts this kink, and I am extremely grateful.  
Thanks for stopping by today, Grant.  I wish you every success and would love to have you back again.  Maybe with your next release. 
Come back next week when our featured author will be Joelle Casteel.