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Torrid Tantalizing Tuesday Welcomes Kallista Dane

 Welcome to another sizzling edition of
Torrid Tantalizing Tuesday.
I am happy to have a first time guest on my blog today!
Please welcome,  Kallista Dane.

In her own words, if you're seeking chronicles of maidenly virtue and innocent romance, go no further. 
But if you yearn to be entertained with exotic escapades that will fill your soul with passion, sensual tales of lustful desires, bold adventures where powerful males clash with impetuous, headstrong women, then I invite you to enter my world.


Captured by the Sultan by Kallista Dane

     Shortly after Dr. Shayla Dennison uncovers a trove of sexually explicit statues in a long-buried temple deep in the desert, she is knocked unconscious during a ferocious storm. When she awakens in what seems to be the distant past, being hailed by those around her as the great Queen of Sheba, the shy scholar finds herself expected to play the lead role in a highly erotic ceremony witnessed by the entire kingdom the night before she travels to meet the man chosen as her husband.

     When her caravan is attacked during the journey, Shay is rescued by Tahraz, the arrogant sultan of a hidden oasis, who promptly announces that she will submit to his every command or face punishment like all the other women of his harem. Shay discovers all too soon that Tahraz is as good as his word and she quickly ends up across his lap, her royal robes pulled up and his rough palm reddening her bare bottom.

     Hatching a plan to win her freedom, Shay proposes a contest—a series of chess matches—with herself as the prize. If she is the winner, the sultan will grant her freedom, but if he triumphs, Shay will kneel before him as he administers pain—or pleasure—at his whim. But when Shay realizes that she is in love with Tahraz, will she continue to resist or will she give in to the savage hunger he has ignited in her and surrender her body and her heart to him fully?

Tahraz raised his head and met Shay’s eyes. “You will lie across my lap—as you did before.”

Shay’s stomach clenched. Tahraz seemed intent on extending her humiliation.  He took his time, slowly pulling the cumbersome robes above her knees. Then he began striking her, first on one cheek, then the other.

She forced herself to lie still. But when his fingers slid down between her legs, spreading her apart even further, she couldn’t stifle a gasp. Tahraz stopped. “You are all dismissed,” he said casually, waving a hand toward the other women. 

“Now, my haughty queen, your punishment will begin.”

A stab of fear went through her. How much worse could it be? Her question was answered instantly when his hand came down again. She cried out involuntarily, then clamped her lips together, vowing not to make another sound.  The sultan thrashed her slowly, reddening every inch of her backside with a palm calloused from hours spent handling the reins of a half-wild stallion.

She felt his hand urging her legs apart even further. She thought he would once again dip his fingers into her moist depths, as he had the first time. But to her shock, an insistent finger began probing the tight opening of her ass.

It penetrated her easily and Shay realized he must have coated his hand with some kind of oil. He began sliding his finger in and out, teasing, rubbing his thumb against her clit at the same time.  Her ass was burning, but it only intensified the other sensations he was arousing.

“There are many ways to punish a naughty queen,” he said, his voice low. He slid his finger deeper into her ass and despite herself, Shay writhed on his lap.
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 Maddie's Intimate Authors Corner

MT: Welcome, Kallista.  Thanks for joining me today. I love have first time guests in my authors corner.  It’s fun to find out what makes them tick.

KD: Hi Maddie.  Thanks so much for having me as a guest today. 

MT: My pleasure. Here’s my first question. How much of your books are realistic, based on your own personal experiences?

KD: If I answered that honestly, I’d make both of us blush! 

MT:  Uh-uh, can’t happen. LOL

KD:  Seriously, big chunks of every book I write are taken straight from my life – and I’m not talking only about the sex (although those are my favorite parts!)  Whatever I’m doing or have done in real life seems to make its way into the lives of my characters.  Whether it’s a paranormal encounter like the time I met a ghost in Dallas, which is the basis for my current work in progress, The Devil’s Cowboy, or working on an archaeological dig like Dr. Shayla did in my latest release Captured by the Sultan, my characters and I share many experiences. 

MT: Since you draw from real life, is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

KD: I believe that love never dies, that it lives on and if we’re lucky, we’ll experience it over and over here on Earth with the person who is our Soul Mate.  Years ago, I went to a psychic who told me that my husband and I have been together before, over many lifetimes.  Ever since, I’ve paid attention to those fleeting moments when a strange place seems oddly familiar or an ancient statue in a museum calls to me.  That inspired me to write Captured By the Sultan, where Shayla and Tahraz discover they have an unbreakable bond that endures through time.  

MT: How romantic! I love the whole idea of soul mates, meant to be’s and finding “the one”. And to have a love that last many lifetimes, sigh…  I am clichéd and corny at times, but most of all a hopeless romantic.

MT: What are you reading right now?

KD: I’m in the middle of two books – Patricia Green’s new Romantek story Eddie My Love with plenty of spanking scenes and a book called The Next Hundred Years by George Friedman, head of a global intelligence firm.  It’s a fascinating nonfiction look at where our country and our world are headed.

MT: What is the trait or characteristic you find most appealing about your significant other?

KD: When we first started dating, he said I could stand to gain ten pounds.  That’s when I decided this was the man for me!  On a more serious note, I recently read a Facebook post from one of our authors whose spouse was horrified to discover her loved one was leading a secret life writing erotic spanking novels.  My heart aches for him.  My husband may not share all of my fetishes, but he loves me and accepts everything about me.  I don’t have to hide my naughtiest fantasies from him and he’s always done his best to see that they come true.  Lucky me!   

MT: Does he/she read your work?  Either way, why or why not?

KD: My husband hates to read so he’s only made it through one of my books.  But he really doesn’t need to since most of them are inspired either by the wild things we’ve done or by the dirty fantasies he turns me on with on our “party” nights.

MT: Ah… so this is that real life inspiration you were talking about.  Nice!  He sounds like my husband who kept bugging me to read my work, but even though I had cops and military men with guns, shootings, kidnappings and the whole nine yards, he couldn’t do it.  Now he reads my reviews.  If I get a bad one, he gets ticked and tells me they misspelled words in their reviews, LOL.  So nice to have unconditional support!

MT: Do you have a spanking memory you’d like to share?

KD: It took me a long time to be comfortable enough about what I looked upon as my shameful lifelong desire to be spanked to confess it to my husband.  He listened, then said he wasn’t into spanking, had never even thought about doing it.  A few weeks later, we had a huge argument and I stomped out of our room, slamming the door.  He followed me into the living room, bent me over the couch, yanked my jeans and panties down and proceeded to give me my first real spanking, followed by some of the hottest sex we ever had.  I fell in love with him all over again that night.    

MT: You two sound very sweet and loving. Ironic after an angry spank during a fight, but hey, what can I say, us spankos are twisted that way.  LOL


Thanks so much for playing along today and telling us some personal information about you and your writing.  I know the readers love it.


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