Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Cover Reveal of Sweet Surrender on WIP IT UP

Just for WIP It Up fans...
drum roll please...

Announcing the long awaited sequel to Sweet Salvation:

Sweet Surrender

Release date:  February 12th

I am in lust with my sexy cover, which is another work of art from Korey Mae Johnson.  So hot!

No official blurb yet, (and I hate writing blurbs) so I'll give you a lead in to the excerpt instead.

It's the morning after Jessica Swanson's bachelorette party and she's come home with a boat load of naughty gifts.  She and her fiance Marc Trent discover that they have something in common... a little taste for kink.


An excerpt from Sweet Surrender:

He wouldn’t let her go, holding her firmly in place.  “Baby, these are toys.  They’re meant to be fun.  It’s not any different from me using my tongue or fingers on you.  We’ll still be together.  This will only add a little twist to our lovemaking.”

“Looks more like a kink than a twist.”

“And what we do now isn’t kinky?  Taking you over my knee, spanking you until your pussy is hot and you’re squirming across my lap, or begging for my fingers to bring you off; most folks would say that’s kinky.  Or when you ride me all wet and wild 

She stopped him, her hand pressing firmly over his mouth.  “I give.  Can you do me a favor though?”

He eased away from her hand.  “Anything.”

“Take all of this stuff and hide it.  Use it, don’t use it, whatever, just don’t tell me.”

He frowned.  “I don’t understand, what—”

Her fingers stopped him, her face burning as she tried to make him see.  “I love to play with you, handsome.  I do, even more so because you set the pace and decide.  I don’t have to think.  You do it naturally, without giving me time to think about some of the things we do, and when it comes to all this,” she swept her hand out toward the toy laden table, “I need that even more.  I’m willing to try, but I get anxious when I think too much, so I want you to surprise me. Does that make sense?” 

“It does, cara.  You want me in charge.  I know that.  It’s been clear since the first time I kissed you in the locker room.  Conversely, I like to control the play.  That’s why we work, baby.”  His lips beneath her fingers parted and he licked the tip of one with his warm, wet tongue.  “These toys get you hot, but they make you feel naughty, don’t they?  However, if I choose the play, if I’m the bad boy, you still get to be my good girl, don’t you?”

Her eyes locked on his mouth as he nibbled and kissed her fingers.  “Is that silly?” 

“No, it’s damn sexy.”  He began to suck on her fingers as his hand dipped inside her robe and tweaked a nipple, pinching and rolling it. 

“Marc,” she moaned, arching into his hand.  “What am I going to do with you?”

“As you requested, cara mia, that will be my surprise.”  His lips curved into a wicked grin and she knew his mind was racing, formulating ideas for their kinky play without even knowing the contents of the remaining bags.  She had given him free reign.  Her mind flashed to the beginner’s bondage kit, with its cuffs, blindfold and paddle.  Although she loved sex with him, she knew it would take time, a very long time, before she’d work up the nerve to ask for something like that, but if he took the lead…  He was exactly right, she couldn’t say no.  

“There is one more big box out in the car.  While I go get it, you pick out your penalty toy, something that intrigues you.  Place it in a separate bag on the counter.  Everything else I’ll put away for use at my discretion.  Can you do that? 

She nodded.

“That’s my girl.” 

That eased the tension.  She trusted Marc to be gentle and make it good.  She could tell from his smile that none of this would be a hardship on him, in the least.  


So many more hot WIPs and excerpts to enjoy, keep on hopping...

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