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Getting Strict with a British Barrister and Maggie Carpenter on Wicked Wanton Wednesday

Maggie Carpenter is back with a deliciously decadent story...  

I got to thinking about the word decadent, which has several definitions.  I believe today we'll be exploring decadence in the context of unrestrained and excessive indulgence in one's own desires, passions, whims, etc... 

Well, I don't know about the last part, and I think that my guest Maggie Carpenter would agree, that exploring our desires, passions and whims is what this genre is all about--thank goodness!  

In The Strict British Barrister: Act Two, Brittany and Duncan explore decadence as well as romance, bondage (see there's nothing unrestrained about it), discipline and more.

The Blurb:  

Duncan believes he can lead Brittany deeper into the world of BDSM, and with seductive Dominant skill, he introduces her to some of his favorite prurient pleasures, but a misunderstanding disrupts their happy holiday.

Brittany runs off, leaving Duncan filled with confusion and despair. He has no way of knowing where she might be, or how to find her. Alone and vulnerable in a strange city, Brittany is hurt, upset and vulnerable. 

Will Brittany manage to stay out of harms way? Can Duncan find her before she gets herself in trouble? If they are reunited, will they find their Happily Ever After?

The Strict British Barrister: Act Two, is a tantalizing love story filled with surprises, spanking, romance and salacious sex. A tale that takes the reader from the exclusive Claridges Hotel in Knightsbridge, to a stately manor called Andover Abbey in the heart of the English countryside, a place where the word ‘naughty’ takes on a whole new meaning.

Maggie's HOT excerpt.  Caution, decadence ahead <wink> 

                Her arms pulled above her head were lifting her breasts, making them appear as though begging for attention; her luscious body was shining in the glow of the candles, the few drips of water glistening against her skin, and he could glimpse the erotic dew between her thighs. Surrendering to the temptation, he began to softly himself stroke, but feeling the shadow of his orgasm, he shook himself from his reverie and reached for the flogger.
        “You are incredible,” he murmured leaning forward and kissing her neck, “so full of passion.”
        “I’ve...never...felt like this,” she stammered.    
        “And now you’re going to feel even more,” he breathed.
        Draping the long, leather tendrils over her shoulder, he let them slink across her breasts and down the front of her body, then moving to her side he lightly flicked them against her bottom. He heard a short gasp, and flicked them again with a little more energy, but the third time he added some zing.
        Her soft wail filled the room, and to his utter joy, she arched her back, thrusting out her backside in a silent request for more; raising the flogger he let it fly, swishing the tongues through the air. He waited for the wail, the cry, the moan, but she was silent; worried, he moved quickly to her side.
        “Please,” she whispered, “please don’t stop, Sir, I beg you.”
        Clutching her hair, he jerked it back and sank his lips into her mouth.
        “My precious, darling girl,” he growled, “you fill me, you utterly fill me.”
        Stepping back, he lifted the flogger, and holding the handle in one hand, and the ends of the leather locks in the other, he snapped them into the air, landing a dull, thick, burning sting. Her deep howl echoed through the dimly lit room, and as it dissipated, he began walking slowly from side to side, flashing the flogger every few seconds. Her groan transformed into a single sound, changing in pitch and volume but never ceasing. Time stopped, and when he finally lowered the whip and stepped behind her, smoothing his palm over her radiating backside, he leaned his mouth into her ear.
        “Talk to me,” he breathed.
        “I...feel...weak...I need you,” she mumbled breathlessly.
        Thrusting his fingers into her pussy, he was met with an avalanche of warm moisture, and a long, deep groan; it was time.

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Maddie's Intimate 
Authors Corner

Maddie: Welcome back to Wicked Wanton Wednesday, you are becoming a regular guest on my blog, which I love.   This has got to be because you are quite prolific.  How many books have you written?  How do you crank them out so fast?  Do tell, I thought I wrote at a good clip, but you and some others zoom right past me.

Maggie:  In total twenty-seven, but I’ve been on a binge over the last two years, producing about twenty-two.  Once I start, I become obsessed, and cannot stop until it’s done.

Maddie:  Tell us a bit about your new book.  How did you came up with the idea for story line?  Was it triggered by an event in your life or pure imagination?

Maggie:  The Strict British Barrister: Act Two, has so much in it I’m not even sure where to begin. Brittany and Duncan have taken their shipboard romance to London. They had such a connection they simply couldn’t say goodbye when the cruise sailed to an end.

Duncan discovers Brittany is quite an extraordinary young woman. She is heroic in this story, truly heroic. Never having been a submissive, she has some interesting moments, and Duncan is very careful with her, gentle and loving, but oh, so strict. There are some scary moments for Brittany when she throws a hissy fit and runs off. There are some even scarier moments when Duncan finds her and brings her home, and a mystical moment when they discover there may be more to their connection than either had realized.

My story lines? Real life or imagination? Both?

Every book I write has an element of personal experience. This might sound crazy, but I only have a vague idea of what I’m going to write when I start, then it just sort of happens. For example, there are a couple of important elements in this book that fell out of the sky at the time I wrote them. Andover Abbey, for example, a very naughty place, on a scale of Downtown Abbey in grandeur, suddenly popped into my head.

Maddie:  Sounds like there is action and suspense, maybe some danger.  Will we get a white knight moment? Or is that a spoiler. Do your books usually contain action and danger? And does the hero swoop in and save the maiden fair?  <sigh>

Maggie: As I just mentioned above, there is definitely some action and suspense. There is usually a white knight incident in my books, I think I have a bit of a hankering for it, (sighing along with you), but in this book, it’s Brittany who, at one point, saves the day. It’s a great moment, and it made me so excited when this sassy girl from South Carolina showed her mettle.

Maddie:  I hear erotica authors say sex scenes are the hardest to write.  I am on the other side of that fence saying that’s the easy part, it’s the dialogue, or the suspense or the humor that is the biggest challenge.  What do you think?  Action/adventure or BDSM/spanking/sex scenes, which are harder to write? Which is more fun?

Maggie:  There is one element of BDSM and sex that I find easy; I can imagine all kinds of naughty things...laughing right now...and that’s fun! The difficult part is describing intercourse, or spanking, in an interesting way. Dialogue, no problem, I can hear my characters talking (bring on the men in the white suits) and they often make me laugh. Action scenes can be a bit challenging to describe sometimes. There’s a scene in this book that is literally explosive, (small explosion, no buildings blowing up or anything like that) and that was a bit difficult, but I think I managed it okay.

Maddie:  What is the most endearing quality of your hero?  Why?

Maggie:  Ooh, Duncan. I LOVE Duncan. His balance of strict and sweet. He has nothing to prove, and he’s not a bully. I think that must be difficult for Dominants, to be strict and not be a bully.

Maddie:  If I were friends with your heroine, would I want to have coffee and talk over story lines with her, or have mani/pedis and go shopping with her?  Why?

Maggie:  Oh Maddie, that’s such an interesting question. Brittany is a talker, so definitely coffee. I’m not sure she’s a mani/pedi girl, but she is a very savvy shopper, and that’s in the book btw, a trip to Harrods.

Maddie:  What is the number one, hands down, must have physical characteristic of a Maggie Carpenter hero?

Maggie:  Sorry, I have to go with two. Arms and eyes. He must have arms that can engulf my girl. Arms that can hold with gentleness, or with an inescapable bear hug. Arms that are bondage unto themselves.

In equal first place, eyes. Eyes that are unwavering, any color, but unwavering. Eyes that speak, eyes that can, in a nano-second, make my girl feel like a naughty five-year old, or make her feel like a star.

Maddie:  Tell us what’s next Maggie.  What else do you have in the works?

Maggie:  I’m well into my next one, and it’s taking me on quite the ride. It’s called, The Cowboy and the Girl In The Hot Pink Chaps. I’m not sure which words should be capitalized there. Can you help? As usual I wasn’t sure where these two were going to take me, but it’s all falling into place. He’s a western saddle maker, and she’s a barrel racer. It’s a kind of reunion story, but the reunion has a bit of a twist. Think Cinderella meets Prince Charming twice.  Something like that.

Maddie thank you so much for having me visit again. Your questions are always so thought provoking and fun.

Thanks for being my guest Maggie, its always a blast.  Wicked Wanton blog fans, learn more about Maggie and follow her at the following links: 

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