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Sylvia's Surrender Heats Up Wicked Wanton Wednesday; with Dinah McLeod

Dinah returns to WWW with a little sting, a bite of pain and inflamed desire between the book shelves.  


She also hangs out in the naughty corner with me for a while talking about challenges, cowtails and Revenge. 

Make sure to stick around for that after the sexy excerpt.  


Five years ago, Jake Hastings threatened to spank Sylvia Hawthorne for misbehavior at the local bookstore, and it changed her life forever. Intrigued—not to mention powerfully aroused—by such brazen dominance from a stranger, Sylvia was more than happy to give herself to Jake that night. Upon discovering later that their passionate encounter left her pregnant, she made the fateful choice to keep her situation a secret from Jake, deciding instead to raise the child on her own. But when her now-five-year-old son is diagnosed with a rare disease and needs a bone marrow transplant, Sylvia is left with no choice but to swallow her pride and face Jake again.

She is prepared for almost any reaction from Jake… at least any reaction other than for him to step back into her life, ready to love and care for not only their son but her as well. To her shock, Sylvia soon learns that, in Jake’s book, taking care of a woman also means taking her over his knee for a long, hard, bare-bottom spanking when he believes it necessary. Yet despite his firm discipline, Sylvia soon finds herself falling for Jake in a way she never gave herself the chance to before. But will the same mistrust that kept them apart for five years ultimately destroy their newfound romance, or can Sylvia overcome her fears and surrender her heart to Jake?


“Jake—” But the protest ended as a squeal as his hand came smacking down on my rear. To my surprise, it sounded like a thunderclap, and as his hand kept colliding with my bottom, I began to protest loudly, squirming on his lap. “Please, stop!” I begged. Still, his hard hand came down again and again until my ass was warm beneath the skirt I wore.

“There. Do you feel better now?”

“Why would you even ask me that?” I grumbled as he helped me up.

“Because I see how the stress leaves you when I give your butt a few pats.”

Pats my ass, I thought, but I knew better than to say it aloud.

“I think that you’re definitely a woman who would benefit from a regular spanking, in more ways than one.”

I should have slapped him, or demanded that he take me home at the very least, but something about what he was saying resonated within me. To my surprise, I found that I did feel better—lighter and more at peace, even though I didn’t know why that should be. 

“Now, perhaps you’d like me to show you what a good girl spanking feels like?”

I couldn’t answer. All I could do was look away, shyly, but Jake caught my chin and gently turned me until my eyes met his.

“Is that a yes, sweetheart?”

With a breathy little giggle, I nodded and found myself upended over his knee once more. I could feel the difference from the very start. For one thing, he lifted my skirt and began to rub the seat of my panties, but there was a difference in his touch. He seemed softer this time around. When his hand came down on my panties, it hurt, but in a deliciously tingling kind of way. I whimpered as the swats rained down, loving the way his fingers landed on my ass in a caress of sorts, loving the way he paused until I felt the full affect and the way he held me, making me feel that I was being comforted rather than pinned.

I ground my sex against his jeans, not caring how silly I must look. The scent of my own sex, combined with feeling his dick straining against his jeans, pressing into my belly, was enough to make me forget about appearances.

“More?” he asked, his voice husky with his own desire.

“Yes, please.”

“God, you are so sexy when you’re all submissive,” he growled before his hand came down once, twice, three times on my left cheek. Each stung a little more than the one before, but the pain was just enough to inflame my desire.

Only when my entire bottom was tingling did he help me up. His mouth found mine the moment my pleasantly sore ass hit his knee, melding with my own in an intensity I felt all the way down to my toes.

I kissed him back eagerly, my hands pressed against his chest. As our tongues explored, my pussy began to ache with longing. I’d never been a bold person, particularly where initiating sex was concerned, but my hands seemed to have a mind of their own. They quickly found their way to his bulging crotch, caressing him through the fabric of his pants. He groaned into my mouth and I responded by deepening the kiss.



Maddie’s Intimate 
Authors Corner

MT:  We’re here to talk about Sylvia’s Surrender, Dinah’s newest release.  Personally, “misbehavior at the local bookstore” had me immediately intrigued.  What inspired your latest story line?

DM:  LOL! As I’ve said before, there’s a little bit of my personal life in every story I write. Isn’t that true for us all? Anyway, back when I was in college I went to a local Books a Million, picked up a book to read the back cover and haphazardly put it back. Little did I know that a store employee had been watching me! He came up, introduced himself, and leaned in real close to promise that if he ever saw me do it again he’d put me over his knee. Now, I most definitely was NOT in touch with my spanko side back then, although I was more than aware that my tummy started doing weird, funny things that made me uncomfortable. Needless to say, I got out of there as soon as possible and did not return until I knew he no longer worked there! Maybe, looking back, I should have been more like Sylvia and had a little fun!

MT:  In one word, describe Sylvia, your heroine.

DM:  Protective.

MT:  LOL.  Open ended questions, Maddie.

MT:  Your cover is hot, how much input do you have into title and cover art?

DM:  I am very, very fortunate to work with a great cover artist! Korey Mae Johnson created this work of art with nothing more than a cover questionnaire and I loved it! Now, she did ask if I wanted anything changed but I thought it was perfect as is!

MT:  I agree 100%.  Your cover is smoking and Korey does some gorgeous work.   

MT:  I know you’re year has been very full personally, how have you balanced writing with your busy homelife?

DM: Honestly, I often feel unbalanced. I think it all comes in stages: some weeks are writing weeks and others I catch up on cleaning and the family I’ve neglected. Being a mom, as you know, in itself is a balancing act but with young children it definitely gets more tricky!

MT:  Mine were grown before I started righting.  I imagine I would have had a few slip ups, "Mommy, why is there a picture of a ladies black lace panties on your computer?"   Or,  "Mommy, will you play Candy Land with me?"   "Sure, baby.  Right after I finish describing how this man shackles his wife to the bed.  Um, huh?  What?"   LOL   

MT:  What is your biggest challenge as an author?

DM:  My biggest challenge, I think, is to write something that I’m interested in that also is interesting to the readers.

MT:  What is your #1 guilty pleasure?

DM:  Probably cowtails while watching Revenge! And the more the better on both counts!

MT:  My mouth is watering.  I like those Goetze's Caramel Cremes too!

Thanks for being my guest again Dinah.  Good luck with Sylvia's Surrender, and come back any time!


Stop in next week when my guest will be Maggie Carpenter!

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