Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Penalty Toy on WIP It Up Wednesday

A lovely BDSM excerpt from SWEET SURRENDER today.

Jessie comes home with a trunk load of naughty sex toys from her bachelorette party.  Marc steps in to educate her on what they're all about, but he prefers a hands on teaching method.  

Sweet Surrender is a stand-alone sequel to Sweet Salvation. It is a full-length erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, medical play, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If you're still not convinced that it's a hot read, stay tuned for the excerpt... .

Crap! He’d found the gift bag she’d left on the kitchen counter. His words mirrored her thoughts.

“This is the penalty toy you picked out, remember?”

She groaned in embarrassment. What had she been thinking?

“Don’t be shy, cara. Imagine my delight when I peeked inside and instead of one, I found a whole kit.”

His lips began to move down her back, grazing and caressing lightly as he spoke. “Of the dozens of options you had at your fingertips like the edible panties,” he paused for a kiss, “the big purple dildo which frankly has me intimidated,” another delay to graze and caress, “and the vibrators,” this time his tongue flicked out to tease along her spine, “you passed them all by and chose bondage. My kinky baby wants to be tied up.”

Her throat suddenly clogged with emotion and her protest came out as a squeak.

“Shh, no talking; the kit didn’t have a gag, so you’ll have to be good and obey me. I want you to experience being under my total control. Not knowing what I’m doing, where I’ll touch you from one moment to the next.” His hands stroked her down her spine. “Or if I’ll lick you instead.” He matched words to action as he spoke, his tongue following his hands to the curve at the small of her back. His lips brushed back up until she felt the length of his big body above her, the heat pouring off him making her burn with a sensual fire in her aroused state. “Or how I’ll fuck you.”

He lowered himself onto her and she discovered he was as bare as she was. His cock, full and ready, was not to be ignored as it nudged her thigh. “Oh, and let’s not forget, how I’ll paddle you.”


“Uh-uh-uh, I think I told you to be quiet, naughty girl,” he scolded sternly, the underlying playfulness clear in his words. “Now you’ll have to be punished.”

Liquid warmth rushed to her pussy. Suddenly, the important conversation she planned to have with him didn’t seem as urgent anymore.

He shifted, his knees pressed between her thighs, spreading her wide. Gliding over her shoulders, his wide hands caressed in a long slow graze down her sides, pausing to test the outward swell of her breasts where they rested flat against the mattress, then continuing slowly over her waist and down to her hips. When they curled over her round bottom, they squeezed and at the same time separated the twin globes. The entire length of her steamy cleft was open to his gaze. She clenched.

“Relax.” A long finger traced over the tightly held hole, ringed the wet mouth of her channel, and then glided downward to test the hard little nub below. He teased it with his fingertip until she was squirming and tugging against her binds. Leaving, he moved up to collect more moisture from her pussy, moving slowly upward to explore the tight ring of her ass. “This tight little flower closes up like a touch-me-not. Have you ever seen one?”

She felt the warm, wet lick of his tongue between her cheeks and sucked in a gulp of air. She shook her head, confounded by his impromptu botany lesson at such a time.

“It’s also called the ‘sensitive plant.’ At the lightest touch, it snaps closed—demurely—like your shy little opening here. We’ll have to work on that bashfulness, because when I possess you here,” his finger circled the delicate skin before he continued, “I’ll want you to describe in detail how it feels because you are going to love it.”

“Marc,” she beseeched him, “please…”

A tsking noise tickled her ear before his hand landed with a searing swat on each cheek. “You’re not being very obedient in your first bondage session, cara. That’s the purpose of the paddle though, isn’t it, to correct disobedient girls?” His hands curled around her hips and he lifted her. “Up on your knees. Give me a nice high target for my paddle.”

She panted. His imposing voice, the evocatively naughty words, and his easy command of her body filled her with anticipation, making her heart pound faster. This was her fantasy—exactly. It was as if he’d tuned in to her brain’s wavelength and watched a tutorial entitled, ‘how to play out the perfect bondage scene with Jessie.’ She could feel the juices of her desire flowing. Unsurprisingly, Marc, who never missed a trick, noticed.

He ran his fingers along the moisture coating her inner thighs and then dipped in between her lips. Jessie heard the sound of her wetness as two of his fingers pumped inside her and her face ignited, her cheeks burning so hot she thought she would burst into flames.

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