Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Rosy Pink Glow, Courtesy of SWEET SURRENDER and SatSpanks

In this early scene, Dr. Marc is lusting after Nurse Jessie.  He follows her into the locker room for a private word, to clear the air and make his feelings known.   

He wants her...


My eight line limit. (caution; explicit and smoking hot.  That sexy Dr. Marc and his naughty, wicked, wonderful mind - sigh)  


Feeling like a perv, or some kind of depraved peeping Tom, he stood there unnoticed with his scrubs becoming uncomfortably tight as his fantasy consumed him. It was recurrent, the one he’d had ever since the first time he’d seen her in his OR.

He’d pull her over his lap, positioning her so her body draped perfectly across his thighs, her bare ass high in the air while her full breasts fell free over the outer edge of his thigh. After a slow warm-up, with his hard palm creating a rosy pink glow over her cheeks, he’d turn up the heat, swatting faster and more sharply, pausing every few strokes to caress her warm skin. She’d wiggle and squirm, asking what she had done to earn a punishment. As he proceeded to roast her saucy behind, turning the heat into a burn with a delicious biting sting, he’d tell her it was for making him painfully hard every day for the last month. He would continue until she was crying out and calling his name, until she arched, pushing back to meet every swat, seeking more, until the glistening proof of her arousal covered her pussy lips and inner thighs. Only then would he stop and pull her astride his thighs, spreading her wide and thrusting up inside her enveloping wetness.

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