Saturday, February 14, 2015

Naked and Tied Face Down for SatSpanks

A Valentine's Day treat on SatSpanks...

Marc surprises Jessie by using one of her bachelorette party gifts.  

Mm, mm, mm.... What a way to start the day!  


My 8 scintillating lines...  
The mattress shifted and she felt lips brush over her bare shoulder. She tensed, positive she’d gone to bed wearing a long-sleeved nightgown and still had it on when she’d rolled over at the ass crack of dawn. She felt the glide of a sheet down her bare back and the slight chill of the air brush her bare skin. An image of herself, naked and tied face down to their four-post bed flashed before her eyes.

Feeling a bit panicky all of a sudden, she tugged at her bindings. When they didn’t budge, she pulled harder, a squeal of distress rising in her throat and breaking free.

“Shhh, bella,” Marc soothed, “you’re safe in our bed.” As he spoke soft reassurances to her, the sheet moved lower, over her bare bottom, and with a swish was gone.

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The Blurb:

Abandoned by her father at a young age, Jessie Swanson swore she’d never again depend on any man, let alone someone with Dr. Marc Trent’s reputation as a player. Upon being assigned to work a shift as Marc’s nurse, she vows to keep things entirely professional, but when the darkly handsome surgeon asks Jessie to dinner her promises prove no match for his golden-brown eyes.

One date turns into another, and then another, and the better Jessie gets to know Marc, the more his take-charge personality appeals to her. She soon finds herself craving his dominance in the bedroom as well, and when he takes her over his knee, bares her bottom, and spanks her long and hard, she is left blushing and begging for more. But after Jessie learns that Marc’s mother and sisters are unhappy about their match, she retreats into her work, sure that a girl who used to call a trailer park home can’t possibly have a future with someone like him.

When Marc puts his foot down about Jessie’s excessive overtime hours and her failure to take care of herself properly, things come to a head. Jessie decides to move on rather than risk losing her independence to a man she fears will one day cast her aside, but Marc doesn’t give up easily. Will the wounds of Jessie’s past keep them apart forever, or can Marc prove to her that he is not only a man she can depend on, but one worthy of her surrender?

Publisher’s Note: Sweet Surrender is a stand-alone sequel to Sweet Salvation. It is a full-length erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, medical play, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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