Wednesday, July 29, 2015

WIPing Up a Decadence Storm on WIP It UP Wednesday.

Another Wednesday, another round of the hottest erotic snippets anywhere.  Today, I hope to live up to that claim with a taste of my new release: 

(Decadence Nights, Book 1)

The setup:  Working thirty feet away from each other for three years, Joseph and Olivia have unspoken desires and hungry fantasies that they are reluctant to share and risk ruining a perfect business relationship.  That all changes the night they unexpectedly meet at Club Decadence. 


“I should go.”

The echo of her words hadn’t faded when a loud crack of thunder made her start. It was followed immediately by a flash of lightning, electrifying the air in the room.

“Obviously, you’re not going anywhere tonight.” He stood and crossed to the bed. Using his full height to impart his authority, he stood close to the bedside, staring down at her, his arms crossed imposingly over his chest. “I asked a question and this time I would like a truthful response.”

She glanced up at him briefly, her eyes reaching no further than his chest, then darted away, moving down to her tightly clasped hands in her lap. “I have a bit of a headache is all, sir. Truly, I’m fine.”

 “How many cocktails did you have this evening?” As he posed his question, he crossed to the bathroom.

“One, but it was very large,” was her faint reply as he found aspirin in the medicine cabinet and filled a glass with water from the tap. He strode to her bedside and held them out for her, palm up.

“Aspirin,” he explained succinctly. “Take them without any fuss, please, Olivia.”

When she swallowed them down with only a small sip, he ordered further, “Finish it.”

Not hesitating in obeying this time, she downed the entire contents. He set her empty glass on the nightstand, then sat on the edge of the bed, close alongside her, his thigh pressing fully against hers. Leaning forward, his fists settled into the soft mattress bracketing her hips, which brought his face very near hers. With him in her space, she had nowhere to go but flat on her back in the bed. Being vulnerable beneath him clearly not part of her plan, she scooted up in the bed until she could go no further. Her eyes darted about the room, once again looking for an escape, but his body had cut off all exit routes. She was caged and she knew it. With few options left except to face the music, she lifted her face, eyes boldly meeting his. Brave girl.

“It’s late, a flash flood warning is out and you’ve been drinking. That’s a dangerous combination, which you won’t be risking, not on my watch. We’ll be spending the night.”

She bristled. “Exactly when did it become your watch, sir?”

“The minute you walked into Club Decadence with your hair loose and gleaming like satin, wearing a dress meant to entice, in search of a Dom tonight. I am that Dom, Olivia. No other.”

He leaned forward, without touching her, forcing her back until she reclined fully on the pillows. Her hands came up to his chest reflexively. As he hovered over her, his upper body containing hers, his lips lowered as if drawn to her by an invisible force, a magnetism that he could no longer deny.

She whispered, “Don’t I get a say?”

“Certainly, you get to say yes.”


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The Blurb:

Thirty-eight-year-old legal secretary Olivia Wright's clock is ticking and she's afraid she's running out of time to find Master Right. Several times she thought she'd found the Dom of her dreams, but instead of the prince she sought, he'd turned out to be a slimy toad. The last one had dumped her unexpectedly and nearly broken her. Now, after a long dry spell, she's ready to try again. She'd really like it to be with the man who'd caught her eye three years ago, but that man is her boss and despite her best efforts, and tightest skirts, he hasn't spared her an extra glance. Resigning herself to unrequited love, she attempts to move on, procuring an invitation to an exclusive BDSM club, hoping Club Decadence will be the answer.

Joseph Hooks isn't your typical Dom. He's NBA tall, with no police or military background to speak of, wears tweed suits, of all things, and on an occasion the dreaded bow tie. But behind his somewhat nerdy appearance is a handsome, green eyed, strict but sensual dominant who's also hell on wheels in a court of law. He's wealthy, powerful, successful, and enjoys popularity among the subs at his private club, at least those who don't flee from the swishing sound of polished rattan, but he's exhausted his search for his perfect submissive and concerned about coming up short. After a frustrating day of watching his gorgeous secretary's delectable bottom in an incredibly tight skirt, he heads to San Antonio to blow off steam and maybe make a connection.

He thinks she's terminally vanilla and straight-laced. She thinks he's not into her, or with the way he ignores her curves and tight skirts, possibly gay. Hopelessly oblivious to what has been staring them in the face for three long years, Joseph and Olivia continue their aimless search for love. Then, one night, as a storm brews outside another rages inside as their paths converge. Will Olivia finally get the Master Prince she deserves, or will her past prevent her from realizing her dream? Will her presence at the club be the sign that Joseph needs to wake up and at long last claim the woman he's yearned for all along?

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