Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Previewing The Trail Master's Bride on WIP It Up Wednesday

I'm excited to announce the release of my newest historical western and give WIPsters a sneak preview.  Yee Haa! 

The Trail Master's Bride
Release date:  July 11th

The Blurb:

After being forced out of her home by her insensitive father and his social climbing young bride, twenty-year-old city girl, Mina Hobart is whisked away in a wagon by her near stranger of a husband to begin a new life on the western frontier.  Hating each minute of every hot, dusty day, Mina has to put up with the nasty insults her new husband throws at her for not being able to cook over a camp fire, make coffee properly, do the laundry in a creek, or yoke a team of oxen.

When tragedy strikes the wagon train and Mina finds herself an early widow, it is up to Weston Carr, the rugged Trail Master to tame the feisty red head. With the help of an encouraging friend and a few over the knee spankings, Mina finds herself learning the ways of life on the Oregon Trail.

It soon becomes clear that something is amiss, things begin disappearing, oxen are left to roam free and other mishaps abound, the pioneers look to inept Mara as the culprit.  Vowing her innocence, she spars with Weston determined to prove him wrong.  With the evidence pointing her way, the Trail Master doesn’t know what to think, but he will do what he must to protect her, even if that means taking the spirited young woman as his bride.  

Sneak preview:

Cover reveal coming soon
“For Christ’s sake, Mina, these are heavy.”  Her eyes shot behind the man to her husband, who stood glowering at her with impatience. “Either lend a hand or get out of the way.”  

She eyed the parcels that Elliott carried, noting it was half the load the stranger carried, then she twisted and peered down the steep dirt path leading down to the dock.

 “If you have something smaller,” she offered.  “I don’t think I could carry even one of those.”

“Stop being a ninny,” her husband grumbled.  “I was jesting.  Now, quit blocking the walkway.”   

She took a step back onto the frost covered grass, wetting the bottom of her skirts as she did so.  Frowning, she watched as the men passed, Elliott huffing and puffing for breath as he struggled with his burden unlike the stranger who wasn’t even winded from the task.  In fact, as the stranger passed, casting a long shadow over her, Mina noticed he moved easily, with a loose hipped stride, appearing almost graceful as he descended the steep trail.  She realized she was staring most rudely when he stopped at the bottom, looked up at her, and winked, his blue eyes snapping with amusement.  Mina blushed and quickly looked away, shifting her regard back to her husband.

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