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Its Heating Up on My Blog Today with a Visit from Jordan St. John and The Colonel. Where Did I Put My Fan?!? Phew!

I love westerns!  Where men were men and women were, well.... spanked.  <giggle>

Some think it's old Hollywood taking dramatic license, but I have to believe there's truth in fiction.  How else do you explain the 'rule of thumb' where it was lawful for a man to discipline his wife with a switch as long as it wasn't wider than his thumb?  

In Hollywood, and spanking romance, we spin our tales to make these scenes dramatic, spicy, sexy and downright HOT.  And it seems Jordan St. John is a master at this art.  

How exciting that I have him visiting today!  It isn’t often I have a male guest on my blog, and lucky me, today, I have two.  Bestselling author Jordan St. John and The Colonel.  

Maddie:  Jordan, you earned yourself a #1 ranking in Erotic Westerns with this sexy story, what made you decide to write a western?

Jordan:  I wrote a Western because I love the period. I stumbled across the fact that in 1896 Idaho held a statewide referendum on woman’s suffrage and I saw a way to work this historical event into what is otherwise a totally fictional novel. Also the idea of a romance between an older couple appealed to me. It gave me a chance to make my main protagonist a pater familias figure in his household as well, which added another dimension.

Maddie:  And the outlaw gang?  I was intrigued as it seemed like a very modern theme to have human trafficking and drug dealing occurring in this era.  Where did you get that idea?

Jordan:  The outlaw gang is not very different from Butch Cassidy’s gang which operated in Wyoming during this same time period. Ketchum is a real place. I go there every year. Today we know it as Sun Valley.

Maddie:  It’s amazing what we learn on vacation and then incorporate into our stories later.  I’m excited to see what hot snippet you brought with you today.  Shall we press on? 

Jordan:  By all means, and thanks for hosting me today, Maddie. 

By Jordan St. John

Blaine County, Idaho 1896. Emma Weston is a young widow trying to make ends meet in the rough and ready western town of Ketchum. When she opens her house up to take in boarders, her intention is that they all be young ladies, but that intention is brushed aside the moment she meets Colonel Nathan Bradford. A recently retired career army officer looking for a job as a deputy sheriff, Colonel Bradford not only cuts a dashing figure, but Emma decides that her young tenants could benefit from having an authoritative male on the premises to keep them all safe and to enforce her boarding house rules.

The colonel’s disciplinary methods run to the old fashioned variety, which leads to some red hot bottoms for the girls when trips to the woodshed for lessons in proper behavior become necessary. When Emma realizes that she, too, could benefit from the colonel’s brand of bare bottom spanking justice, the unexpected happens – she begins to fall in love with the man. The feeling, it turns out, is mutual as Nathan Bradford becomes more and more enamored of the charms of the pretty widow.

However, even as love blooms, the livelihood of the town and its citizens is threatened by a notorious outlaw clan that has moved into the territory with the aim of total domination. Trafficking in gambling, opium and human flesh, the clan is not above using the strap and the switch to impose its will on its female victims. When Emma’s girls fall prey to the outlaws, it is up to the colonel to take them on, and when Emma herself becomes a target, this gang of outlaws learns what a veteran soldier can do with a deadly accurate rifle and a steady hand.

Against the backdrop of an historical suffragette rally, the gang now plans an outrageous crime.  It will soon be high noon in Ketchum. So clear the streets, hide the children and take cover. Colonel Nathan Bradford is coming for his woman -- and hell is coming with him.

Here’s Jordan’s excerpt from The Colonel’s Woman:

“Tame me? Why, Nathan Bradford, whatever makes you think you can tame me?” She said it with a sense of mock outrage. Secretly she was thrilled. He had just told her he loved her. She didn’t care about anything else.

“So,” she said, pulling away and sitting straight up. She huffed her chest out and put her hands on her hips. “Just how do you propose to tame me?”

Nathan understood when a challenge was being issued. He narrowed his eyes. Remembering what she had told him about her desires, he countered: “I imagine a well warmed bottom or two might do the trick.”

“You’re a cad and you wouldn’t dare!”

Now that was a challenge if there ever was one, he thought. “That’s where you’re wrong, Mrs. Weston.” In a single smooth motion he took her by the wrist and pulled her across his lap.

“Eeek!” she squealed, fluttering her arms about.

She thrust out her hands to stop her forward motion which permitted Nate to toss her skirts up in back without interference. Underneath she had on lacy drawers.

“You stop,” she said, squirming. “Stop it at once!”

Smack! Nate’s palm struck Emma’s shapely bottom in rapid succession. They were light spanks, calculated to excite and tease. For Nate, the feel of Emma’s satiny bottom, rippling sensuously as his hand spanked, was enough to cause his manhood to rise.

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Jordan St. John, a/k/a Rollin Hand, has been writing erotic spanking fiction since 1999. He writes what he likes to call the "uncommon spanking story." The idea, he says, is to write stories within other genres including mystery, western, sci-fi, historical drama and paranormal thriller, while organically mixing spanking erotica into the plot line. Rollin's writings thus cover a wide range of styles and story types. His orientations are M/F, F/F, and F/M, sometimes mixed in the same story. He has written to date over 120 stories, novellas, novels, articles and poems. Although most of Rollin's works are short fiction and novellas, He has written several longer works including "Secret Spanking Cult" a private eye-type mystery, "The Menace from Mongo" a retro sci-fi adventure, "LaForge" a supernatural thriller trilogy, "Pendragon's Lash", a medieval period/ sci-fi blend, and a medieval adventure, "The Princess and the Rogue" writing as Jordan St. John.

When he is not writing, he's attempting to hold down his day job as an IP attorney, playing golf, downhill skiing or jamming on jazz guitar. Rollin hails from the Pacific NW.

You can find some of Rollin's stories on his blog at www.disciplinarytales.com. He also has a number of eBooks for sale at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo and Blushing Books.

Check out his author page at http://www.amazon.com/Rollin/e/B009ZJUH50.

On facebook he is Jordan St. John.

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