Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Plump Moons, Lewd Exposure and Squirming with Maggie Carpenter on Wicked Wanton Wednesday

I’m joined today by one of the most prolific erotica novelists that I know, Maggie Carpenter.  

Her beautiful and tantalizing stories feature Dominant Men, submissive women and the lifestyles they lead.  

Exciting, moving, sensuous… what’s not to love?

Today, Maggie brought along an excerpt from her latest release,

Her Officer In Charge


Lifting his hand, bouncing it from cheek to cheek, he quickly reddened her backside, then, moving his fingers inside her glistening slit, he found her exactly as he expected her to be; soaking wet. He toyed for a few minutes, exploring and teasing, then, stepping back, he paused to enjoy the sight.

“You are simply gorgeous,” he purred. “I’ll never forget how you look at this moment, Bella, not ever.”

“Thank you, sir,” she mumbled, “and I’ll never forget this feeling. I’ve never been in a position like this before.”

“It’s the first of many,” he promised, leaning down to place his lips at her ear. “Don’t go anywhere, I won’t be long.”

He heard her groan as he headed into his closet to undress; knowing his brief absence would fuel her need, he took his time. After putting away his clothes, he turned back to his display of implements, selecting a riding crop and a deerskin flogger, and slowly ambled back to her.

Laying them on the bed beside her, he gazed down at her bright red bottom, then ran his hands over her full plump moons. Listening to her sighs and moans, he continued fondling and squeezing, then, clutching her cheeks, he slowly, purposefully pulled them apart. She gasped and wriggled, horrified at the lewd exposure, but he ignored her protests, keeping them firmly separated until she finally stopped squirming.

“You must learn, Bella, whatever it is you’re protesting will continue until the protest stops. I take it no one has ever dallied between your cheeks.”

“No, sir, never,” she groaned, the humiliation clear in her voice.

“That’s going to change. I’ll let you think about it, you can dwell on it, consider the possibilities.”

“I don’t want to consider the possibilities,” she retorted.

His palm began spanking her backside before the words had even left her mouth.

“Ow, sir, ow. Ow.”

“That was rude and disrespectful,” he scolded.

“I’m sorry, sir.”

“Again you wanted to test me?”

“Sorry, sir,” she repeated.

“Who’s the officer in charge?” he demanded, grasping her cheeks and repeating the libidinous play.

“You are, sir,” she squeaked.

“I know you are the expert when it comes to the power of suggestion, but I have my own brand of mind magic.”

“Mind magic, sir?”

“Yes, for example, if I said to you, don’t think of a penguin, what would you immediately think of?”

“What? Oh, a penguin, sir.”

“Now you’re going to imagine yourself spread apart, just as you are now, but your naughty back hole doused in slippery lube, my finger touching, then gently pushing. Even if you don’t want to consider the thought of my exploring between these lovely seat cheeks, you won’t be able to stop yourself. The idea will consume you. You’ll think about it when you’re washing the dishes, or shopping, or going to sleep, won’t you, Bella?”

“Yes, sir, I will, it is mind magic, sir, that’s exactly what it is.”

“Moving on,” he announced, releasing her cheeks. “A few more deserved swats before I bring you any pleasure, then I’ll leave you to feel the sting for a few minutes. I want you to think about the disrespectful way you spoke to me a moment ago.”

His hand began slapping across her already stained skin, journeying over her backside, landing unpredictably, until it was glowing to his satisfaction.

“Owww, sir, I won’t be disrespectful again, I’m so sorry.”

“You’ve been sorry quite a bit. Perhaps you should consider what you’re about to say before you speak, and understand that testing is a bit like waving a red flag and asking for a red backside.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Think about that. I’ll be back,” he murmured, giving her cheeks a pinch.

As she heard him move away, she moaned into the mattress. She had sassed him and paid the price, but she knew why she’d done it. She was as hungry for his strict reassurance as she was for his loving tenderness.



The Blurb:

As a stage hypnotist accustomed to playing for crowds at military bases, wrapping men in uniform around her little finger was a way of life for Bella Montgomery… until she met Captain Vince Valenti and suddenly the tables were turned.

Though he serves in the US Marine Corps, Vince is no ordinary officer. After working for months to track down the operative who has been stealing sensitive documents from military bases across the West Coast, the last thing he needs is a sassy showgirl interfering in his investigation. Yet from the moment he sets eyes on Bella when she arrives to perform for a gathering of fellow officers, Vince knows there is something special about her.

But when Vince catches Bella sneaking around his base unescorted after her performance, he is forced to detain her. Though a brief interrogation confirms for Vince that she is not the culprit—and in fact she confesses that she was only hoping to see more of him—her trespassing cannot go unpunished. Soon enough, Bella is blushing red as her jeans and panties are lowered, then squirming and begging as her bare bottom is spanked long and hard.

While the handsome captain’s firm discipline leaves Bella sore and deeply ashamed, she yearns to experience more of his dominance, and before long she finds herself bound, naked, and quivering with need as she awaits his orders. But there is still a dangerous traitor on the loose, and despite Vince’s best efforts she remains a suspect in the eyes of his superiors. Is she just a pawn in a larger game, or can she truly put both her heart and her fate in the hands of her officer in charge?

Publisher’s Note: Her Officer in Charge is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


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