Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cooking Up Something HOT with Dinah McLeod on Wicked Wanton Wednesday

Chef Ramsey ain't got nothin' on Kevin Sim, the handsome alpha-male chef that sweeps Cara Jones off her feet.  That's when the fun stuff begins.  

Well, maybe not for Cara at first, but as they say, if you can't stand the heat, you better be a good girl from now on.

Uh... what?  That's not how it goes?  <giggle>  My bad.  

Maybe I should let Dinah tell you all about it.  Enjoy...

His Good Girl
By Dinah McLeod

Twenty-two-year-old nurse Cara Jones isn't looking for love when she just happens to meet the man of her dreams. But Kevin Sims is everything she's ever wanted; cute, smart, funny, and very much in love with her. His desire to have and maintain a traditional relationship—which includes taking her over his knee when she deserves it—catches her off- guard, but even that is something she feels able to benefit from.

After a whirlwind romance with the handsome, alpha-male chef, Cara is eager and delighted to accept his marriage proposal, and her happiness is further cemented when she meets Kevin's parents and sister. Having only a strained relationship with her own mother, and no other relatives, she's overjoyed at the thought of meeting her future in-laws and joining the Sims family.

Unfortunately, things aren't always what they seem. Kevin has been keeping a big secret, and it's not long before Cara begins to suspect that perhaps they should have waited before getting married. Her new sister-in-law, too, seems determined to drive a wedge between the newlyweds.

Can Cara and Kevin sort out their differences and rediscover their deep mutual love and attraction before it's too late? Will they be able to confront and overcome the circumstances and insecurities forcing them apart? Does Cara have it in her to become Kevin's good girl?

His Good Girl excerpt: 

Once the jeans were down my hips, he hooked his thumbs in my panties and slowly began to peel them down. I’d never felt so much patience and tenderness in a man’s touch before and even though I closed my eyes as I leaned against him, I was sure that the mirror would reveal that my expression was one of pure ecstasy.

“Now, now,” he tsked in my ear. “The whole point of this was to keep your eyes open.”

As soon as my lids lazily fluttered open I felt his hard palm connect with my naked backside, making me gasp and jump. “Kevin! That hurts!”

“That’s the idea, Honey,” he told me as he brushed a lock of my blond hair away from my face, tucking it behind my ear. “It’s supposed to hurt to teach you a lesson.”

“What kind of lesson?” I demanded, a bit petulantly.

“That you’re beautiful and intelligent and sweet and you need to stop selling yourself so short.”

The husky whisper in my ear was a sharp contrast to the stinging ache his hand imparted when it slapped my bottom a second and then a third time. “And this is supposed to show me that?”

“Well, if nothing else it shows you how I feel about your being so hard on yourself.” His hand came crashing down again and again as if to illustrate his words.

My eyes widened with each and every smack. I bit my lip until my flesh turned tender beneath my teeth to keep from crying out. It was one thing to see myself—the way I hopped just a little every time his hand spanked my tender orbs, the way my cheeks flushed from the effort not to make a sound—but it would be quite another to hear it.

However, as the barrage of spanks continued, his hand meeting my flesh time after time, it became impossible to stay silent. Finally, all I could do was give into the quivers and the moans of pain. I’d hoped that once I was crying that he would stop, but if anything the intensity seemed to go up a notch. Watching Kevin in the mirror as he pulled his hand back to land a hard spank of my bottom was terrifying. I could see it coming, and yet, I felt powerless to stop it. Not because he was a jerk who wouldn’t stop if I asked him to—I was perfectly confidant to the contrary, but because this spanking held some sort of fascination for me, I couldn’t bring myself to tell him to stop.

It was strange: my poor blistered butt ached from the unfamiliar attention, and yet the flush in my cheeks and the vibrancy in my eyes wasn’t purely from the tears that rolled down my face, either. I could feel the heat pulsing between my legs, the throbbing in my pussy that told me it had gone too long, far too long, without attention.  I wanted Kevin to be the one to fulfill that need more than I’d wanted anything.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing Dinah.  Best of luck with His Good Girl and hurry back with more sexy, alpha-dominant heroes.